Hardwood Flooring Design Advice in Vaughan

Hardwood floors offer a number of delightful options for giving a home or business that extra dash of class and style.

With so many different types of wood, colour, and finish available, it can actually be tricky to decide on the right choices for your home and business. Collecting samples and seeing showrooms is a good start to get a sense of how a type of floor might look, but there are other considerations to make beyond visuals alone. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your hardwood flooring in Vaughan.

Vaughan Hardwood Flooring

Match Your Lifestyle to Your Wood Choice

It’s a simple fact that some wood is harder than others. For people who have kids and pets, the harder woods are appreciated for their ability to resist dings and scratches. Fortunately, the hardness of different wood has long been established so you can make an informed choice.

There’s even a measurement for it, called the Janka scale. Oak, maple, and cherry have high Janka scores than pine or chestnut, which makes them more suited for high-traffic lifestyles. Incidentally, exotic woods are harder than even oak, maple, and cherry, but are pricier imports and are naturally darker and redder, limiting colourization options.

Advantages of Prefinish and Site Finish Wood

Hardwood flooring in Vaughan can arrive with the stain already applied, or in a raw state. You, or a hired professional can add the finish after installation. Both options are perfectly valid but have different advantages that could cause you to lean in different directions depending on personal needs.

The primary benefit of prefinished wood (beyond not needing extra steps) is that you will know exactly what you are getting and don’t need to be worried about how a finish might affect appearances. Since some types of varnish can affect a wood’s colour—oil-based polyurethane adds an amber tint, for instance—this can be a significant point in favour of prefinish. The flip side is that site finish allows for more control and customization of the final look. You will have more say in the sheen and the end result tends to be smoother than prefinish.

Decide between Prefinish or Site Finish

Choosing Your Finish


Oak is actually one of the most popular choices for Vaughan hardwood flooring since it takes stain easily while also enjoying strong durability. Oak’s natural grain helps its appeal further and widespread availability means prices stay reasonable.


Walnut is also up near the top in popularity. It has a deep colour that makes it an excellent choice for rooms requiring a darker finish and it’s easier to work with woods already close to the desired shade. The extra dose of rich warmth walnut contributes to a room is a subtle but important feature.

Categories of Finishes

Broadly speaking,finishes fall into one of two categories: natural oils and polyurethane. Oils are amazing for penetrating wood and create a soft, natural look that ages well. Unfortunately, oils aren’t as resistant to damage and can scratch more easily. To make up for this, oil finishes actually make scratches less noticeable and are easier to do spot-by-spot touch-ups. Polyurethane is durable and creates a hard topcoat that makes it better for surfaces with frequent exposure to children, pets, or food.

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