Choosing The Best with Canadian Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan

When it comes to choosing new floors for your home renovations, there are plenty of options available.

Many homeowners want the traditional and classic look of hardwood flooring, but with so many choices, how can you tell which is the best hardwood flooring in Vaughan? There can be various reasons to why one area’s hardwood outperforms another. However, in our experiences with hardwood, we believe that Canadian hardwood flooring is the absolute best choice. Here, we will take an in-depth look at Canadian hardwood and how it beats out all other competitors.

Canadian Hardwood

The Canadian Forests produce diverse hardwood

Over 10% of the world’s forests are located in the great Canadian wilderness, with differences in their subtypes, topography, soil, and climate. Therefore, each Canadian forest region produces a distinctive type of high-quality hardwood that you can choose for your Vaughan home renovations. There are five main forest regions in Canada that produce hardwood:

  • Montane Forest – coniferous trees
  • Mixed Forest – black walnut, birch and maple
  • West Coast Forest – most productive and used forest
  • Boreal Forest – black spruce
  • Taiga Forest – less accessible for use

Canadian hardwood is strong

Several different types of wood species grow in Canada, including ash, beech, birch, maple and oak that are all considered very strong and durable. This is because the cold Canadian winters promote slow growth of trees that lead to the production of higher-quality of wood. Additionally, the tones and colours of the wood are also more consistent. Canadian hardwood has growth ring patterns that no other wood can replicate – this is why many homeowners and designers are always seeking ways to incorporate Canadian maple hardwood floors.

Canadian hardwood is eco-friendly and trustworthy

Canada’s hardwood is sourced within the country, following very strict environmental regulations to ensure that you receive the highest quality of wood for your Vaughan hardwood flooring. Following the EU regulations for hardwood production, Canada is in fantastic standings and considered to be low-risk for illegal and environmentally destructive timbering.

Strong & Eco-Friendly

Numerous Choices Available

You have choices when you choose Canadian hardwood

As mentioned, because the Canadian forests are so vast and distinctive from one another, there are so many varieties of wood that you can choose from for your Vaughan hardwood flooring. Whichever aesthetic, colour, style or vibe that you are searching for, you will likely be able to find a Canadian hardwood to match it. The most popular and common types of wood species are ash, beech, birch, maple and oak. Overall, as you begin to plan your home renovations with hardwood flooring in Vaughan, you cannot go wrong when you choose to use Canadian hardwood. The trust in in its quality, in addition to the numerous choices available for you to style your home with, certainly makes Canadian hardwood for flooring the best in the business. If you have any questions about hardwood flooring, please stop by Chestnut Flooring for more information, our team will be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable hardwood for your needs.

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