Caring for Your Hardwood Flooring in Toronto This Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and for many city dwellers, it can’t come soon enough! We’re certainly ready to trade snow banks, salt, and wet boots for hot sun, sand, and backyard barbeques. If you have hardwood flooring in Toronto, then you likely already take precautions to protect your floors from damage during winter months. However, did you realize that summer brings its own hazards that can shorten the lifespan of your beautiful natural surfaces? Fortunately, with a few easy techniques, you can protect your wood floors through the hottest months of the year and focus on all the fun to be had throughout the season.

Climate Control

Protect from Moisture

Many consider summer to be a dry season, but you’ll need to protect your hardwood floors from wet feet and towels when you come in from the beach, a pool, or a torrential downpour! Absorbent floor mats can be styled to match your décor and add a fun pop of colour or provide sleek, neutral protection for your hardwood near entryways.

Limit Indoor Humidity

We have our share of hot, humid weather, and your natural wood floors suffer just like we do when humidity rates go up. When you set your climate control, it is critical that you not only consider your personal comfort but also the needs of your flooring to avoid warping or shrinkage due to excessive moisture in the air. A good temperature range is 15-23°C, or if you have humidity control, keep the range between 35 and 55%.

Cleaning is Caring

You likely already know that a regular cleaning routine is one of the best ways to protect hardwood flooring from damage. Hard specks of dirt or grit can scratch the finish, so simply sweeping with a nylon or soft-bristle broom can prevent a lot of wear and tear. Depending on the amount of flooring you’re maintaining, a quality bare-floor vacuum can be an excellent investment since it lifts dust and debris up and away. Sweeping will tend to leave deposits of fine dirt or sand in the grooves between floorboards. Another critical aspect of maintenance for hardwood flooring in Toronto is using the correct cleaning product. You’ll want to choose cleaners that are formulated for the particular finish protecting your floors, and take a pass on wax or polishing products. These can leave a residue that attracts grime and looks cloudy, hiding the natural beauty you want to display.

Cleaning Routine

Prevent Fading

Reduce Fading from Sunlight Exposure

Last but not least, care for your hardwood flooring in Toronto by protecting it from direct sun damage. Modern window options include choices that can reduce ultraviolet and infrared rays, but even older windows can be treated with protective films. For some homeowners, just closing curtains or blinds whenever sunlight streams directly onto the floor is the best solution to prevent fading in the light. With these tips, you’ll easily keep your stunning wood floors looking gorgeous for years to come through every season! If your current flooring is damaged or you’re planning to upgrade to hardwood from another material, book a consultation with the friendly experts at Chestnut Flooring today and let us show you the beautiful possibilities.

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