Can Hardwood Flooring Be Eco–Friendly in Toronto?

Many people care a great deal about ensuring their homes are ‘eco-friendly.’

From the low VOC paintthey choose to the type of food products they buy, people associate ‘being green’ with environmentally responsible choices, as well as personally healthy choices. Your carbon footprintdescribes how many greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide you release into the environment through your lifestyle choices. On a small scale, this may affect the car you choose to drive and purchase of energy efficient appliances. On a large scale, supporting corporations and product manufacturers that conserve resources, like energy and water, are also important. Eco-friendly hardwood flooring in Toronto is not only a valid option, but we recommend it.

Get The Facts About Forestry

Forests are a valuable resource and key topic in environmental discussions

Too often, the public gets the impression that all wood products are contributing to deforestation or waste. It’s easy to assume that the fastest track to forest preservation is to avoid use of wood products. Genuine solid hardwood floors are made from trees, but the vast majority of this popular, traditional building material comes from well-managed forests which work diligently to cultivate and replace the trees that are used. Illegal tree cutting is certainly a problem so as with any industry, the savvy buyer must research their manufacturer, ask questions and make sure that responsible forestry is a priority for the company that created and sells your floor.

Heavy manufacturing processes

These days, everything from our smartphones to our clothes is designed to be disposed of and replaced with alarming frequency. Undoubtedly,the mass production of things that do not last are a serious strain on the environment, and we keep buying them. Hardwood floors are timelessly elegant and stylish, but they also last a really long time. Their cost reflects this long-term value as solid wood floors carry a high price point, but proper carepreserves planks for generations which means far less wasteful spending and discarding material. Plenty of other products deliver incredible value and good looks, but they use labour and chemical heavy manufacturing processes, are less biodegradable and will not last in the home as long as hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Is Long-Lasting

Hardwood Flooring Is Eco-Friendly

Consider engineered hardwood

It’s easier than ever to make an environmentally conscious choice. Look for the official accreditation of the FSC, (Forest Stewardship Council) on your hardwood products. They provide global certification that hardwood products are produced with environmental and forest conservation as a priority. The FSC will place a stamp directly on the product so you can be completely certain of what you are buying. Both of these beautiful, wood flooring options will increase the value of a home and compliment any design style. Engineered hardwood uses a top, thin layer of wood to cover compressed wood and other materials underneath. These boards are very strong and long lasting. As well, one plank of solid hardwood can technically produce multiple engineered boards, so it may be even more environmentally friendly than solid boards. Both are sustainable, natural choices for an eco-friendly home.

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