A New Interior Design Trend in Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

A new trend has made its way into the world of interior design, and it is causing quite a stir.

After generations of only organic brown wood tones to select from, grey hardwood flooring in Toronto has established itself as acool, clean and contemporary favourite. Though it’s aestheticis refreshing to many, others are left scratching their heads abouthow to incorporate this less-conventional colour into their homes. Though it may be intimidating initially, here’s a few things you can do to make this new trend work for you and your space.

Hardwood Styles

Update the whole home’s atmosphere with an unexpected colour palette

Since the new grey hardwood tones give a more sleek and modern feel to spaces compared with some traditional hardwood styles, it’s vital to consider the options you have to play with colours and furnishings in your room. Updating your walls with a contrasting paint tone can be instrumental in bringing out the uniqueness of grey wood. You can soften or dramatize the floor colour with lighting choices as well. Contemporary floor colours and wood grain open up exciting possibilities for creating a modern oasis in your space.

Monochromatic or colour splashes?

Although grey hardwood flooringin Toronto offers designers intriguing possibilities for stark and dramatic black and white themes, little pops of colour really come alive against the backdrop of a grey-toned floor. Teal, fuchsia, electric yellow or red- various statement colours are fun to play with when you’ve chosen a shade of grey as your foundation. If your target roomis a kitchen, try a decorating with bold plants plant or bright plant pots. Saturated colours found in nature can have a lively effect while keeping the space clean and fresh.

Hardwood Colours

Home’s Décor

Should your wood match?

To keep up with the major shift in décor vibe, you may want to update the other appliances or furniture in your room as well. Grey hardwood pairs exceptionally well with sleek whites and stainless steel. Updating your cabinets to a non-wood surface, or your bathroom with a glass sink, are steps you can take to pull a room together. While you’re considering the floor style, keep in mind that warm wood shades in the rest of the room and various grains may look disordered rather than styled. While there is no rule against blending more than one wood finish, do so with caution and an eye to clashing effects.

Is grey the new brown?

Grey hardwood flooring is Toronto’s go-to for bringing a breath of fresh, modern air into your home’s décor. It’s a decorator’s dream and fun to design with; however, the classic tones of light to dark woods are popular as ever and suit a variety of styles.When you visit Chestnut flooring, our experts will walk you through beautiful samples with dazzling, elegant wood finishes to choose from. We’ll help you reimagine your space and determine if the new neutral is your flooring of choice.

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