A Guide for Choosing the Most Durable Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan

Choosing to install Vaughan hardwood flooring for your home during its renovations is a fantastic choice.

With hardwood flooring, you are evoking aesthetics that reflect charm, richness and class. Well-worth the effort, time and money, hardwood floors last a lifetime and increase in character as it ages. You can expect to have these hardwood floors with your home for decades to come, so it may be a good idea to choose more durable materials that can withstand wear-and-tear, scratches and damage. Here are some characteristics of hardwood that you should consider when searching for the most durable Vaughan hardwood flooring for your home.

Wood Species & Textures

Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of plank sizes.

There are narrow strips (less than three inches), wider planks (more than three inches), and parquet squares as options. Strips are considered to be the traditional choice and it gives the illusion of more space while wooden planks provide a more rustic vibe. Parquet squares, with their distinctive geometric styles, are typically reserved for more formal spaces. Wood species: Almost all the key characteristics of hardwood rely on the type of wood species it originates from, including durability, grain pattern and colour. Species of wood that are commonly used for Vaughan hardwood flooring are oak, maple and cherry. These are very popular choices because of their hardness. More exotic and rare wood species such as mahogany are admired for their aesthetics but are less durable. Colours: Hardwood Flooring is available in a wide range of colours, depending on its wood species and finish. Textures: There is a variety of different textures to choose from when looking at hardwood. For instance, you can get hardwood floors that are shiny and new, or hardwood floors that have a timeless character and antiqueness to them. Many people prefer distressed and hand-scraped hardwood flooring because it can effectively disguise heavy use over the years, while giving a timework appeal to the room.

Hardness: When trying to find a durable hardwood, hardness is a key characteristic.

There are certain wood species that produce highly-resistant flooring, such as red oak. Softer wood species like pine, will have a tendency to show scratches. Hardwood floorings are scored against a hardness scale that can inform you of how durable and hard the material is. Finish: The finish on your Vaughan hardwood flooring will add colour, luster and more importantly, protection to the surface. Most hardwood are now purchased as pre-finished by manufacturers, which increases its durability. The most common type of finish for hardwood floors is urethane. Depending on the type of your hardwood, solid hardwood can be repeatedly refinished while engineered hardwood is limited. However, pre-finished engineered hardwood floors are quite durable and there is no need for frequent refinishing. If you are interested in installing hardwood flooring in your home and need some more insight in choosing the most durable material, feel free to come by Chestnut Flooring. We will be happy to offer our professional knowledge to help you find the most suitable flooring.

Hardness is a Key

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