7 Toronto Hardwood Flooring Trends For Every Budget

Hardwood floors may be considered a timeless, classic design material, but they’re consistently evolving with the times, too.

Hardwood flooring in Toronto was once the only logical choice for homeowners, then carpeting came on the scene,and everyone switched over. That was many decades ago,and as carpets are phased out, hardwood and Engineered hardwood options are back on trend. Though it’s one of the more expensive flooring materials, the longevity and environmentally sound value of it makes it a worthwhile investment. We’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly and design savvy ways to enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors in your space.

Shades of Wood

1. Toronto hardwood flooring comes in many colours

Why not mix and match them? You may believe that hardwood is an all or nothing prospect where every plank must match, but that isn’t so. There’s a creative trend of utilizing different shades of wood together to make unique floors and save money. Manufacturers will often sell low-stock hardwood planks at a discount, and though the pieces aren’t enough for your whole project, a combination of related colours from end of line batches will give you a low-cost, custom look.

2. Use reclaimed wood

You can use recycled home building materials which are often sold by specialized companies, charities or even your showroom. Sourced from a variety of places, old beams and planks are taken from ageing barns and carry a wonderful ‘farm-chic’ distressed look. These options are affordable compared with premium solid hardwood,and their aesthetic happens to be in style.

3. Create a custom design

Hardwood flooring in Toronto homes can be personalized with family crests or other symbols using carefully crafted patterns of wood planks and pieces. Though personalized design work can be pricey, the value of an artisticshowpiece on your foyer or great room floor may hold sentimental value or be a stunning focal point of your house.

4. Hardwood flooring- get the effect with vinyl tile

Low maintenance and low-cost flooring options were once considered the cheapest looking as well. Those times have changed as modern vinyl options have advanced to deliver incredible detail and believable finishes. You can now get the look of hardwood planks with photorealistic detail and naturaltexture to create a beautiful effect. Their easy stick down installation and rugged resistance to scratches and wear make them a practical option for many rooms of the house. Worried about the moisture in bathrooms and basements? Tiles can go anywhere, and many places that solid wood just can’t.

5. Have you considered cork or bamboo?

Cork is soft, durable, environmentally-friendly, and beautiful. Cork is more affordable than solid hardwood, and roughly the same price as engineered planks. Many people are choosing this green, warm and quiet option for their homes, especially in areas where softness underfootis desirable such as the kitchen and bedroom. Bamboo is also trendyand easier on the budget. Made from tough, fast-growing grass, bamboo is sustainable and easy to care for. It can be stained to virtually any colour or tone you choose.

Low Maintenance

Neutral Palette

6. Are you ready to go gray?

One of the most convenient features of real, solid wood floors is that they can be refinished again and again as your tastes change over the years. Currently on trendare gray tones and whitewashed planks that provide a cool, neutral palette to build a room design on. You don’t need to purchaseentirely new flooring if you already have wood floors. Getting on board with the weathered, gray-toned look can be simply done with much less expensive refinishing and staining. Add a fresh, contemporary feel to your space the economical way.

7.Have fun with flooring textures

Textured and dramatic wood grain is in. You can choose between wirebrushed, distressed and hand-scraped finishes to reveal depth of detail in your wood’s grain and ad a rustic look to your boards. Old-fashioned and weathered boards can also be created with a natural oil finishing treatment. The rich patina formed makes for a luminous but low shine effect.

With so many design possibilities to choose from, why not enlist the help of an expert from Chestnut Flooring? We’re happy to give you a tour of our showroom and help you see all the variety possible with hardwood.

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