5 Myths and Facts About Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

You finally decided to install the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring in your Toronto home.

A quick online search might lead you to some concerning questions, ‘They’re too expensive, they’re hard to maintain, and they don’t belong in every room,’ you may read about wood floors. Can we offer advice? Stop worrying and take a few minutes to read up on how the flooring experts debunk commonly held myths about Toronto hardwood flooring.


1. Is maintaining hardwood floors tough?

Not so! Consider the last time you emptied your vacuum cleaner’s canister; was it full of dust and grime? Carpets harbour much more dust, pet hair and allergens than a hardwood floor can, and they are much easier to remove, with merely a sweep.

2. Do wood floors scratch easily?

Not necessarily. If you choose your wood species carefully, you can reduce the chances for deep gouges or scratches. The hardest species of wood that make excellent choices for hardwood flooring are hickory, oak or maple. Of course, any type of floor is going to show wear and tear over time; that’s all part of having a home as opposed to a house. A home gets lived in. So, if the dog likes to chase the cat through the hallways, trim his nails. Put floor protectors on furniture feet when the kids are rearranging the couches to build forts. Hardwood floors are just as susceptible to dogs, kids and spills as carpets and ceramic tiles are.

3. Can you have hardwood flooring in a household with pets?

You certainly can. Pets are no respecter of floors when it comes to having an accident or leaving scratches. Toronto hardwood flooring customers who are also pet owners will be advised to wipe up accidents right away to avoid letting liquid soak in. A good protective coating helps seal out temporary spills. Conversely, when carpets are soiled, you may need a steam cleaner, or worse yet, removing the entire carpet. Take into consideration the liveliness of your home when you choose the species of wood you want and go for hard, resilient options.

Household with pets


4. Hardwood doesn’t go in the kitchen

Designers and homeowners have changed their minds on this. What better way to showcase your stylish, inviting kitchen than with beautiful lengths of hardwood? If water damage is a concern, engineered wood flooring is a durable option that gives you peace of mind while creating meals. To further safeguard your floor against accidents spills and splashes, place a rug in front of the sink or workstation.

5. Hardwood flooring comes with a high price tag

The species of wood used for hardwood flooring affects pricing, but don’t be discouraged; there are a lot of beautiful—and affordable woods out there. Typically, exotic woods are more expensive than local species. Consider the longevity of your investment compared with lower cost materials that are replaced more often. If you still aren’t sure it’s in the budget but have your heart set on the warmth and beauty of hardwood floors, there is a myriad of engineered hardwood to give you an equally aesthetic look at a lower cost. Visit the experts at Chestnut Flooring to see all the exciting options for your home.

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