3 Things You Need to Know About Hardwood in Vaughan

Do you know what you need to about hardwood in Vaughan? Engineered and laminate versions of this timeless look are widely available, and they offer lower-priced versions which carry some benefits. However, hardwood is still a very popular choice for homeowners and designers who want that timeless, high-quality effect of real, solid wood. Chestnut Flooring’s experts invite you to come in and see the beautiful possibilities of hardwood in Vaughan.

Solid Wood

Here are three things we think you should know about hardwood flooring

It’s not engineered or laminate

Engineered hardwood is made from real wood, constructed in layers with a plywood core. The top layer consists of a thin sheet of solid wood, so it’s the most realisticnon-hardwood flooring product you can get. Laminate and vinyl planks will often feature photo-realistic images of woodgrain covered in a protective sealant to resemble the look of hardwood.

Engineered or solid hardwood can be green choices.

Engineered wood planks can be created from fast-growing and less expensive wood species or contain a high-end wood layer on the surface. It can be created from other wood by-products which means it’s a recycled and efficient material. The cost is also lower than hardwood. On the downside, it can’t be refinished by sanding down the surface more than once in most cases, if at all. Traditional hardwood is considered to be environmentally friendly too. The safe and sustainable forestry practices that the top brands adhere to mean that old growth forests are protected. Once a real hardwood floor is installed in a home, the longevity of the product outlasts most others. Refinishing is possible multiple times over the years if needed, and the wood will age well if cared for. That means that decades and generations can enjoy the flooring without the need to replace the boards. Eventually, when old hardwood planks are replaced, they can be recycled and reused.

Environment Friendly

Wood Options

The finishing and style options for wood are endless

With more exotic and long-wearing wood options available in Canada now than before, buyers can choose whatever species or aesthetic they want for their home. However, if the finish you like is not available, or if you’re matching floor design to other design elements, the ability to stain your wood floor offers further possibilities. The wear layer of hardwood planks is the portion above the tongue and groove which can be sanded and refinished. Some engineered boards may not be sandable while other more expensive varieties allow for one refinishing. With hardwood, when you want to change the tone and finish, you can, without replacing the whole floor. Hardwood in Vaughan comes in any width or length to suit your style. Today’s fashion trends mean that more widths from thin to thick are in-demand. The look of a floor can be completely customized with this high end, timeless material. If you’re shopping for a lasting, luxurious floor for your living space, we’ll be pleased to show you the best of wood options available. Call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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