Shaw Floors

Shaw Floors

Shaw Flooring Toronto was started in 1946 as Star Dye Company, a small business that dyed tufted scatter rugs.

Through a variety of events, Shaw has since turned into one of the largest flooring manufacturers and distributors in the world. Through a philosophy based on customer service and supply, Shaw has created a company that now employs over 25,000 workers. Learn about the Shaw advantage, and why flooring by Shaw is worth the investment.In action towards sustainable production of their products, Shaw has taken extensive effort to ensure their environmental friendliness. To do this, Shaw only produces and sells hardwoods from responsible sources, and avoids any dealing with controversial sources. Also, Shaw is firmly invested in the legal wood trade; the company does not purchase any wood products from illegal sources. Shaw commits to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner which respects the protection of human rights. To reduce waste, Shaw has established a carpet recycling program that covers most major US markets. Through this, approximately 100 million pounds of carpet is reclaimed yearly, converting these materials into new carpet or using it to power operations.At first specializing in carpets, Shaw is not a major producer of all kinds of flooring including vinyl, hardwood, laminate, tile and stone, carpet, rugs, and vinyl. Recently voted number one in flooring in the United States, Shaw lives up to all expectations. With a massive catalog of flooring, it’s easier to see for yourself all the various options. Below we will outline the various kinds of flooring offered by Shaw.

Hardwood Shaw Floors

With almost a hundred different kinds of hardwood available, Shaw provides extensive options.

The new EPIC Plus line of hardwood features the Stabilitek Core, the latest technology from the Shaw Hardwood Innovation Lab. The Stabilitek core is built for high performance and lasting durability, making the EPIC Plus line some of the most durable hardwood out on the market. Constructed from wood fibers bonded with proprietary chemistry, Stabilitek holds up to the challenged of climate fluctuation and subfloor moisture.

In addition, all Shaw hardwood floors have Shaw’s ScufResist Platinum finish. This is a hardwood finish designed to resist household scuffing on hardwood and EPIC® Plus engineered hardwood floors, keeping your floors looking younger longer. Shaw’s website catalog makes it easy for you to find the perfect kind of hardwood. Sort by species, shade, finish, collection, construction, installation and lifestyle. Species offered by Shaw are: oak, hickory, maple, walnut, pine, birch, American cherry and kupay.

Choose from over 200 different kinds of laminate, from hyper-realistic wood patterns to tile and bamboo, Shaw has it all.

Featuring convenient VersaLock AG and LocNPlace glue less locking systems, which will make you forget everything you knew about laminate installation, and provide an easy and hassle free experience- no curing necessary. Shaw’s VersaLock AG and LocNPlace floors resist moisture and can easily be taken apart and reassembled. New and bold: Shaw recently introduced the OptiGuard finish. Shaw laminate products with the OptiGuard finish feature outstanding clarity which is not always evident in other high-gloss products in the industry today. The surface is exceptionally smooth, fine and reflective, offering a beautiful high gloss while enhancing the natural beauty of the product. Convenience meets style with Shaw.

Laminate Shaw Floors

Carpet Shaw Floors

Shaw’s superior carpet technology allows for your carpets to last longer, feel better and look great. With over 300 different carpet styles, there is something for every home to be found.

Shaw’s innovative R2X is the industry’s best carpet stain and soil repelling system, and the product of years of research and testing. With R2X, carpets are armed with total fiber coverage, and have complete protection from top to bottom. This total fiber coverage offers unprecedented protection against household spills and everyday soiling. In addition, SoftBac, Shaw’s carpet backing system provides a no wrinkle guarantee, greater backing adhesive strength, stronger, less visible seams, resistance to seam peaking, enhanced flexibility and higher sound absorption and insulation.
Shaw’s Cut a Rug program offers customers the ability to create a custom rug, choosing borders, colours, materials, styles and texture from a variety of options. No more searching for the perfect size and shape, get a custom rug that will be perfect no matter what. Shaw rugs also offer the super resilient R2X technology.

Rugs Shaw Floors

Tile and Stone Shaw Floors

Offering 569 gorgeous tile and stone options in tile, mosaic, wood print and stone, Shaw has an extensive catalog of tile. Eco-friendly, timeless and beautiful, Shaw’s stone and tile in an excellent addition in the kitchen, bathroom or virtually anywhere else.

Shaw Flooring vinyl uses the Floorte™ system. This highly durable vinyl flooring uses high-definition printing for a hardwood or tile look that is highly authentic.

The FOLD N GO™ locking system is precision-engineered for an easy installation, and strong, durable, flexible flooring that conceals imperfections of the floor beneath. Best of all, waterproof, making it a great flooring option for below ground level. As resilient vinyl flooring can be installed virtually any place within the home, it is an excellent choice for today’s high traffic and busy lifestyles. Shaw offers 765 different vinyl flooring style and colour combinations, making your shopping easy.

Vinyl Shaw Floors

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