A good flooring design helps you feel content and comfortable with your room. With Shaw Floors, getting a good design for any budget, any lifestyle, any room becomes easily attainable. The ultimate goal is to create a living space that is right for you.

The soft colors and patterns will enhance the stillness of your space. Shaw Floors offer you peace of mind as they provide great designs with the industry’s best warranties.

Get the best Hardwood Textures at Shaw Floors

Smooth and effortless, or crafted with character, no matter what your favoured surface be, you can find the perfect fit at Shaw Floors. Regardless of your needs and home décor style, there will be a hardwood texture design perfect for your flooring needs.

  • Natural, timeless, and beautiful : Shaw Floors will create an inviting, elegant environment in your home. Their high-quality hardwood floors bring a classy, rich, lasting appeal to your rooms.
  • Durable: Their finish resists scratches and stains better than the competition, keeping your floors looking younger far longer than easy no-wax care. Their flooring options are highly durable.
  • Design: Shaw Floors hardwood options come with incredibly beautiful designs that light up any room. Regardless of the style that you choose, you’ll be able to find the right option that serves as the perfect foundation of your room’s design.
  • Variety of looks: Shaw Floors represent the beauty and variety of looks using a wide range of hardwood species including oak, maple, walnut, hickory, birch, pine, and cherry. They offer a variety of colors and shades that’ll give your house a unique and distinct character while also helping you achieve a clean, consistent look throughout.

Is 2020 the year of Shaw Floors?

Shaw Floors has turned a new leaf in 2020 as it has released tons of exciting hardwood flooring designs in the market. Some of the most popular products of Shaw Floors in 2020 include –

Dimensions: 7.5” x 5/16” across 22.45 sq. ft. per
Description: The Exquisite Alabaster Walnut design has a designer surface finish and it is backed by a waterproof core making it easy to clean up. This hardwood product has wirebrushed texture while its matte finish gives it a great feel. Dimensions: 7.50” x 5/16” across 22.45 sq. ft.per
Description: Magnificent Arctic Maple offers a premium hardwood flooring option with a designer surface finish. The genuine hardwood veneer of this product is backed by a waterproof core and its surface sealant offers extra protection and easy clean-up. The 01055 Arctic Maple color gives this product a beautiful finish while the smooth surface texture makes this flooring a treat to walk on. Dimensions: 3.30” x ½” across 27.41 sq.ft.per
Description: Relic Essence will add some much-needed warmth, elegance, and natural charm to your rooms. This is a value-for-money, eco-friendly option that is engineered to provide timeless style and sustainable beauty. The 01050 Essence color adds to the aesthetics of the room while its distressed surface texture offers a unique feel to the hardwood floor.
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