Richmond Laminate

Richmond Laminate

Richmond Laminate offers laminate so realistic, you’ll be doubting it’s not real wood for years to come.

Laminate is a popular and commonly used substitute to hardwood, most often installed in places where hardwood is not feasible. For homes with small children or pets, areas where dampness or heat might cause warping, basements and kitchens, laminate is generally the best option to secure the look of hardwood with the durability of tile or linoleum.Laminate is produced by fusing multiple layers of material into a hard surface, generally with a fake wood top layer and finish. These floors are far more durable than hardwood, less prone to warping, easier to maintain and install and overall much better priced.Richmond Laminate specializes in creating realistic wood surfaces built to last. These laminate floorings are usable in both residential and commercial applications. With a vast variety of colours, patterns and grain types, Richmond is one of the top names in laminate flooring today. A brief and incomplete look at the flooring collection will be provided below.

The Beach House Collection

Richmond Laminate’s Beach House brings an air of summer into any home of commercial space.

With eight authentically aged wooden looks that are designed to evoke the feelings of summer at the cottage or at the beach, this flooring will bring sunshine into any space. Incredible designs are made through an embossed-in-register surface coupled with a four-sided micro bevel. These floors are meant to last. With the durability of commercially rated wear layers, these floors will look amazing for years to come. Beach House laminate is available in eight unique styles: earth, dry bark, native rock, ocean bed, primal white, cabin deck, lagoon and pebble stone.

The gorgeous Harbourfront collection features an extensive, seaside-inspired colour range in a wide plank design.

This flooring is designed to showcase class and luxury in a variety of colours. Each individual plank has been designed to inspire, with incredible realistic wood patterns. Richmond designs their laminate to last through the use of new technology and fine craftsmanship. This flooring is manufactured with PEFC-certified raw materials and is Greenguard Gold certified. The Harbourfront Collection has flooring available in seven distinct colours: Alameda, Chicago Grey, Front Street, Kitsalano, Sausalito, Signal Hill and Surfside.

The Harbourfront Collection

The Tribeca Collection

Richmond Tribeca Plank is the best in class for modern, fashion-forward laminate flooring.

With sophisticated and unique colours and a bold, realistic wood design, this collection just oozes sophistication. The collection’s unique styles represent wood species from around the world and are offered in either an antiquated brushed texture or a modern, dine wood grain texture. The collection also offers an extensive colour range, as well as unsurpassed wear performance and environmentally sustainable properties. Sold in single plank format, the Tribeca collection is available in: Adelaide, Caramel Walnut, Deep Tuscan Oak, Driftwood, Hickory Preto, Manila Teak, Norther Oak, Roseau Maple, Sweet Pecan and Windy City.

A rustic hickory visual is paired with a chiseled bevel along all four sides of each and every Salisbury plank.

This distinctive creation features cross-cut saw marks and subtle colour variations. With the durability of a commercial wear layer and extra hard finish, this flooring will be a house staple for many years to come. Salisbury laminate is available in: Acorn, Biscuit, Chester, Frost and Stoneybrook.
Richmond laminate offers scores of unique, distinct and realistic laminate products in a multitude of collections we simple don’t have the space to list. To look through all these amazing floors, please visit the Richmond website for all your laminate needs.

The Salisbury Collection

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