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Although hardwood flooring in Toronto tends to be the most popular choice due to its natural beauty, resilience, and warmth, laminate is now an equally luxurious option thanks to the sophisticated design of Richmond flooring in Toronto. Whether you prefer modern or classic décor, Richmond laminate is a smart choice in flooring, as it closely resembles luxury hardwood but is a more versatile, durable, and carefree product. It suits every space and lifestyle. Its exceptional warranty, easy maintenance, and diverse collections set Richmond laminate apart from the competition.

While laminate is a more inexpensive flooring option than hardwood, it is still an investment in your home

When you choose to invest in Richmond flooring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new flooring comes with a 25-year residential limited warranty. Richmond laminate warrants that your laminate:

  • Will not have any manufacturing defects
  • Will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight or household lighting
  • Will not wear through its decorative surface (a reduction in gloss or the appearance of scratches is not considered wear)
  • Will not stain from food and drink spills

25-Year Warranty

Caring for your Richmond Laminate

One of the advantages of purchasing Richmond flooring in Toronto is how easy it is to maintain

Laminate is an extremely hygienic material, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers or individuals with respiratory disorders. The following tips will help you keep your laminate looking new for many years to come:

  • Vacuum or sweep your laminate floors regularly to remove dirt and debris.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains or footprints. Be sure that your cloth is damp, not wet.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains?

What is safe for your laminate flooring?

Use a specially formulated laminate flooring cleaner, as this assures that it is safe for laminate flooring. Use acetone or other solvents containing alcohol to remove stubborn stains. Place a doormat at each entryway to protect your laminate from the elements. Use soft rubber chair castors to ensure that your furniture does not scratch your laminate when moved.

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Avoid drying out your flooring

Be sure that your room temperature does not exceed 20–22 °Cin order to avoid drying out your flooring.The humidity should not exceed 30-55%.To achieve this, a humidifier is recommended during the colder months when the furnace is running. It is important to be aware that failure to maintain the recommended temperature and humidity level may result in the formation of gaps in your laminate. Conversely, too much moisture may also damage your floors, which is why a dehumidifier is recommended if your laminate is installed in a damp environment such as a basement.

Chestnut Flooring is your one stop shop when looking for Richmond flooring in Toronto, as we carry a wide range of beautiful laminate and have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you chose the right laminate for your needs.

Choosing The Right Laminate For You

Solid Hardwood Collections

For a wide selection of Richmond flooring in Toronto, we invite you to drop by our showroom to meet with a flooring expert.

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Ash Collection

The Ash collection is ideal for kitchens and full bathrooms because it can tolerate moisture and water. Its tight lock click system and power seal makes it easy to maintain through sweeping or wetmop. It is single strip with a four-sided micro bevel and its TruEdge natural pressed bevel ensures that dirt is not stuck between the planks. It is available in an embossed surface, brushed or handscraped.

Bolero Collection

The collection features wide plank 8mm laminate that closely resembles the look and feel of solid hardwood. It is available in six rustic colours and has a low gloss brushed surface with a 2-sided coloured bevel. The Bolero collection is a popular choice due to its beautiful finish, resilient nature, and ease of maintenance. It is also extremely easy to install and does not require any glue thanks to its simple angle/locking mechanism.

The Character Collection

This collection realistically mimics the character found in natural wood, which makes it an excellent alternative to hardwood. It features resilient 12mm thick planks in five different rustic colours. Its low gloss embossed-in-register surface contributes to its realistic look and feel. In addition, it is extremely durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain. Its installation is also a breeze due to its simple angle/drop lock mechanism.

The Dovedale Collection

The Dovedale collection features high quality wide planks that are 12mm thick. Available in six rich wood colours that have a four-sided bevel and wire-brushed finish, this collection delivers a beautiful result, which closely resembles genuine hardwood.

The Harbourfront Collection

Featuring wide plank laminate available in a wide range of seaside-inspired colours, this collection suits both modern and classic decors. Its textured surface further enhances its beauty and gives it a realistic appearance. It is extremely durable, Greenguard Gold certified, and has an AC4 wear rating. Its simple drop lock mechanism means it is easy to install without the need for messy glue.

The Impressions Plus Collection

The Impressions Plus collection is a popular choice among customers looking for Richmond flooring in Toronto due to its trendy wide planks that are an incredible 10mm thick. Available in six diverse oak colours, each plank has an embossed-in-register finish and is beautifully accented with a 4-sided bevel. It boasts an AC4 rating and is Greenguard Gold certified with PEFC certified raw materials. In addition, it is easy to install due to its simple drop lock system.

The Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca collection is ideal for homeowners who are seeking flooring that is warm and sophisticated, as it has the look and feel of hardwood thanks to its “allover” textured surface. This single strip laminate is available in a number of classic colours that perfectly complement any Canadian home. Like all Richmond laminate, it is extremely tough and hardwearing, easy to maintain, and features a simple drop lock mechanism, which means it is easy to install.

The Reliance Collection

This collection is ideal for budget conscious shoppers due to its incredible value. It features wide planks, modern colours, and delivers a classic European two or three strip design. Like all of Richmond’s laminate, its surface is easy to clean and it is quick to install, making it a perfect option for customers interested in a DIY project.

Salisbury Collection

Available in five rustic colours, this collection closely resembles hickory. It features 12mm thick planks, a four-sided chiseled bevel, and a low gloss embossed-in-register surface which contributes to its authentic look and feel. Its simple drop lock mechanism means that it is easy to install and does not require the use of glue.

The Stirling Collection

This impressive collection featureswide plank laminate that is 8mm thick, has four-sided micro-bevels, and is available in five finishes. It has an AC4 rating, is Greenguard certified with PEFC certified raw materials and features a simple drop lock system, which means it is easy to install.

Smoked Oak Collection

Like the Sapphire Plus range, the Smoked Oak collection features the advanced AtroGuard technology, which means that its core is water resistant. It also utilizes the tight lock system, supported by Power Seal, which helps to lock out moisture. Thus, it is suitable for installation in areas of the home thatare regularly exposed to spills and moisture, including basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, which are not typically well suited to laminate. As its name implies, this collection resembles smoked oak and is available in four distinct oak colours in 12mm thick planks. It is incredibly easy to maintain as its water resistant nature means that it can be wet mopped in the event of a spill. Its SureCore makes it a solid flooring option, which can be installed without seams in spaces up to 4300 square feet.

Stature Collection

The Stature collection is part of an advanced new generation of laminate flooring, as it features AtroGuard technology that gives it a water resistant core. Its Tight Lock system strengthened with Power Seal, a water repellant application, also helps to repel moisture. This means that it is an ideal flooring solution for any area of the home, including the bathroom or kitchen. Its unique qualities also mean that it is much easier to maintain, since it can be wet mopped. This collection, which closely resembles hickory, is available in five rustic colours and features 8mm thick planks. Because of its use of SureCore technology, it can be installed in large areas (up to 4300 square feet) with no transitions, resulting in a beautiful, seamless design.

Sapphire Plus Collection

The Sapphire Plus collection utilizes AtroGuard technology, which means that it has a water resistant core. In addition, it features a tight lock system which is complemented with Power Seal, a water repellant application which prevents moisture. As a result, it suits virtually any area of the home, including kitchens or bathrooms. Its water resistant core also means that it can be wet mopped, which makes it extremely easy to maintain. Because it features SureCore, which makes it incredibly dense and stable, it can be installed in areas up to 4300 square feet without the need for transitions. This makes it an ideal flooring solution for large residences and commercial spaces.

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