Refresh Your Space By Refinishing Hardwood Floors And Engineered Hardwood

One of the greatest advantages of hardwood flooring is its durability.

When well maintained, hardwood floors can last decades and in some cases, even generations. In addition to the quality and resilience of the product, one of the reasons for the longevity of hardwood is that it can be refinished several times, which helps to refresh and rejuvenate its appearance. Like hardwood, engineered hardwood can also be refinished, however, it is important to be aware that there are limitations in how frequently you can refinish your engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto.


If you are not the original owner of your home, you may not be aware of the condition of your hardwood.

Removing a floor grate, door trim or baseboard trim should allow you to examine the profile of the wood to determine whether there is sufficient wear layer, the solid hardwood layer on engineered flooring, remaining. The wear layer on engineered flooring is 1-8mm, depending on the quality of the flooring. An experienced flooring sanding specialist will carefully remove approximately .75-1mm of the wear layer when refinishing your floors, which means that engineered hardwood with a thick wear layer can be refinished as many as 8-10 times while planks with a thinner wear layer can only be refinished once or twice if at all. In addition, deep scratches or stains in the wood may require that more of the wear layer is removed, which can impact the number of times the floor can be refinished. Similarly, additional material may need to be removed from floor planks which are cupped as a result of moisture damage.
Hardwood is typically refinished for two different reasons. Primarily, homeowners opt to refinish hardwood when it begins to show signs of wear, as this can help to restore its original appearance. In addition, some individuals choose to refinish hardwood when renovating a space, as this enables them to change the colour of the stain, thereby transforming the space. In most cases, it is only necessary to remove approximately 1-1.5mm of the wear layer to refinish hardwood flooring.

How To Preserve Your Engineered Hardwood?

Although it is often possible to refinish engineered hardwood floors numerous times, it is advantageous to take steps to minimize the need to refinish your floors. For example, you can refresh the finish of your floors by adding a layer of polyurethane sealer, which can transform a floor that shows minimal signs of wear. This can be done every 4-7 years and is a fraction of the cost of refinishing your hardwood. Since refinishing hardwood removes the effect of hand-scraping, it is best to try to refresh textured floors when possible. In addition, in some cases, it may be possible to simply remove and replace a few damaged planks rather than refinishing the entire floor. However, it is important to ensure that the new planks will match the colour of the existing planks before doing so.


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