Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood floors are the preferred choice for their many benefits including their strength, durability, and longevity. The top layer is made of real solid wood, while the inner layers are made of various other wood materials – providing the perfect combination of style, functionality, and real hardwood quality.

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About Engineered Hardwood

  • Benefits of Hardwood Flooring
  • Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood
  • Installation

Engineered hardwood is the premier choice of all flooring types – with it’s many incredible features and benefits.

  • Highly Durable & Long Lasting

    Engineered hardwood floors are very strong and durable, as their top layer is made of real solid wood. Like solid hardwood, engineered floors can also be refinished, which can significantly extend their lifespan. When properly maintained, engineered hardwood floors can last upwards of forty years.

  • Quality & Sophistication Of Real Hardwood

    Real hardwood offers the highest level of quality in both look and feel. Being indistinguishable from solid hardwood, engineered hardwood floors deliver the highest level of sophistication, with all of their additional benefits.

  • Holds Up Well To Moisture

    When installed by an expert, using a proper subfloor with a moisture barrier, engineered flooring is extremely durable and will not warp or bubble when exposed to moisture. That's why engineered hardwood floors can be installed on, above, or below grade, and are a preferred choice for basements and bathrooms.

  • Maintaining engineered flooring is very simple, as it is as easy to care for as laminate. Loose dirt and debris can be vacuumed or cleaned with a broom and a slightly damp mop can be used to clean spills or provide a deeper clean.

A common question that customers ask us is if they should go with engineered hardwood or complete solid hardwood floors. The answer generally depends on various factors, and on individual specific needs. However, here are some points to consider when making the choice:

Advantages of Engineered Hardwood

Advantages of Solid Hardwood

Like hardwood, engineered flooring can be nailed or stapled down, however, it can also be glued or installed using the floating method. The glue down method is typically used when installing engineered floors over a concrete sub-floor. The advantage of this technique is that the installation is quieter and over time, there is less creaking.

Floating installation is an innovative installation technique, as it does not involve attaching the boards to the sub-floor. Instead, the floorboards are fit or clicked together without the use of nails or glue. This is a highly stable method because it can be installed over uneven surfaces using a tongue and groove system. In addition, sound insulation or dampening insulation can be installed below it, providing an effective underlay.

The GTA's Premier Hardwood Experts

At Chestnut Flooring, our expert flooring team help you find the perfect floors for your home. 

With hundreds of engineered hardwood selections in all sizes, wood species, finishes, and patterns, we have something to suit your style and budget.

Above all, we closely hand select our inventory, to offer the highest-quality engineered floors at the most competitive prices.

Unique Imported & Domestic Selections

Our select domestic and European imported brands offer incomparable styles and quality finishes.

Wide range of hardwood species & styles

We carry hardwood in a diverse range of wood species, such as European oak, ash, chestnut, and hickory.

Quality Hardwood at Exclusive pricing

With our broad stock and high-volumes, we're able to offer some of the top-of-the-line floors from leading brands for the most competitive prices.

Captivating Trendy Designs

One of a Kind Hardwood Styles

Floors are one of the centerpieces of an interior’s design, setting the tone of the entire space. Our selection of engineered hardwood floors are aimed at helping evoke the exact feeling and ambience you’re aiming for. With a comprehensive range of styles, wood species, and floor designs, we can help you find the perfect engineered hardwood floors to fluidly express your design. 

  • Extensive Range of Hardwood Species

    Have a preferred wood species you're looking for? We most likely have exactly what you're looking for. From European oak, ash and Brazilian cherry, to hickory and red oak, we specialize in carrying some of the most extravagant wood species available.

  • Classic & Contemporary Styles

    From handscraped finished textures to UV lacquered finishes, our engineered collections suit both classic and contemporary design preferences.

  • European Imported Hardwood Floors

    We carry an exclusive selection of engineered hardwood floors manufactured and imported from across Europe, in trendy and unique styles.

  • Captivating Patterned Designs

    Take your flooring designs to the next level with patterned engineered hardwood. We carry various styles, including herringbone, chevron, parquet, and more.

Herringbone Collection

Unique Patterned Flooring

Patterned floors offer the boldest and most extravagant aesthetic styles. We carry some of the most unique high-quality engineered hardwood floors in the GTA.

Coswick Flooring Classic Collection

Imported European Flooring

European manufactured floors excel in style and quality. We carry a wide range of exclusive imported European styles and brands, including Coswick and Rivafloors.


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Looking for something that's uniquely you? We provide completely custom solutions with our in-house design, milling, and installation services.

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From purchase to installation, we have you covered along every step to bring your flooring dreams into reality.

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Bring life and vibrance to your existing hardwood floors with our hardwood refinishing service.

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