Yellow Birch Millrun

Yellow Birch – with its tight grain and cheerful light coloration, yellow birch is the ideal solution for people looking to give a room a little more vibrancy.

Latin Name: Betula alleghaniensis
Relative hardness: 1260
Thickness: ¾ inch
Widths avail.: 2 ¼‘’, 3 ¼ ‘’


Millrun The millrun grade is composed of all the wood that would usually be sorted in to the prestige, antique or colonial grades. This grade allows the unique features of a species to be showcased to their best advantage.Collection Solid Here, at Appalachian Flooring, we are proud to offer you an exceptional selection of the hardwood species most sought after for their look and durability. Dealing in both domestic North American hardwoods as well as with imported exotic hardwood species from Brazil, we are sure to have a species that you will fall in love with. We also offer a variety of FSC certified products. Please contact us for availability.Colors on the webpage are shown as examples only and may not be representative of actual colors. Please visit a showroom to see a physical sample before purchasing.*No warranty explicit or implied is offered on any product in the Colonial grade.