Verita Collection

Verita Collection

Appalachian Flooring’s Verita Collection reveals the true beauty of wood. Discover how truly beautiful wood can be in its natural state.

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  • Thick wear layer allows for multiple resandings
  • Baltic Birch core ensures maximum stability
  • Diamond profiling for extreme precision


  • Innovative process allows us to create floors that replicate the natural appeal of raw wood
  • Finish flexibility protects wood in daily life
  • No VOC added production process
  • UV protection to reduce yellowing over time


  • Sawn lamella yields same appearance as solid wood
  • Random length distribution just like solid wood
  • Average length greater than solid flooring


Finish:  Smooth
Gloss:  Flat
Limited Warranty: 35-year
Relative Humidity: 35-70%
Made in: Canada and USA
Thickness:  11.4mm
Availabilities: Excel: 5”
Installation: Nailed, stapled, glued or floated
Level: On, above and below grade
Radiant heat approved: Yes
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