Mill Street – Saddle Hickory

Look: Wood Plank
Style: Handscraped
Mill Street Collection
Thickness: 1/8″(3.00 mm)
Width: 6″ (152.4000 mm)
Length Range: 48″ – 48″ (1219.20mm – 1219.20mm)
Average Range: 48″ (1219.20mm)
Wear Layer Thickness: 0.00mm
Surface Type: Heavy “Real Feel”
Color: Golden Hickory
No Wax Finish
Installation: Glue only

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Mill Street Vinyl Collection Saddle Hickory – Resilient, durable, naturally beautiful. Urban Textures Mill Street Luxury Vinyl Tile combines the untamed rugged look of nature with the slick sophistication of a metropolitan center. Urban Textures Creek Street, Mill Street, Boulevard & Avenue Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance Instructions: Urban Textures Creek Street, Mill Street, Boulevard and Avenue Luxury Vinyl Tile do not require a floor finish for protection or to maintain their appearance. However, the use of a finish is acceptable in order to obtain a higher luster. Do not at any time flood the floor either at initial maintenance or anytime thereafter.
Maintenance products: [checklist icon=”chevron-right” iconcolor=”#b7b7b7″ circle=”no”]
  • Regular neutral cleaner/degreaser (7 to 7.5 pH before dilution).
  • Low foam neutral cleaner for auto scrubber (7 to 8 pH before dilution).
  • Alkaline stripper for wax removal (12 pH before dilution).
  • Acrylic sealer (approx 9 pH before dilution).
  • Acrylic floor finish (7 to 9 pH before dilution).
  • Neutral spray buff floor finish (7 to 7.5 pH before dilution).
[/checklist] Initial Maintenance [checklist icon=”chevron-right” iconcolor=”#b7b7b7″ circle=”no”]
  • For Creek Street, Mill Street and Boulevard make sure the adhesive is fully cured before starting (refer to installation instructions – minimum of 5 days after installation).
  • Start by removing foreign particles such as soil, sand, dust or grit. This can be done by sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping.
  • For stubborn grime the floor can be scrubbed using a low foam neutral cleaner for auto scrubber and a 175 – 350 rpm buffer equipped with a red fiber pad or use a nylon brush.
  • Use a wet vacuum or a mop to remove excess water and residue. Be sure to let the floor dry completely.
  • If a higher luster is desired, a neutral spray buff and a 174 – 350 rpm buffer equipped with a white pad can be used.
[/checklist] Regular Maintenance Sweep or vacuum daily to remove dust and dirt. If necessary clean with a wet mop using a neutral cleaner/degreaser. Preventive Maintenance [checklist icon=”chevron-right” iconcolor=”#b7b7b7″ circle=”no”]
  • Use of proper floor protection is important to maintain the beauty of the Urban Textures LVT floor. Avion Commercial Flooring recommends the use of plastic castors and glides of adequate size. Be sure they are cleaned on a regular basis as dirt and grit can accumulate on the bottom.
  • Constant exposure to direct sunlight can result in tiles shrinking or fading. Avion Commercial Flooring recommends the use of blinds during peak sunlight hours.
  • The use of walk-off mats is recommended in entranceways. Some types of walk-off mats mat have a rubber backing that can cause the floor to discolor. Always make sure that the mat/rug supplier confirms they have a non-staining back.
  • Always use proper signage to mark wet floors, as they are slippery.