Birch Bistro

3/8″ Engineered hardwood multi ply plywood core with a drop loc edge profile, 4-sided bevel.

Dimensions: 3/8″ x 5″ x 48″ (33% RL)
Sft/carton: 26.55 Qty/carton:random
Weight/carton: 37lbs.Cartons/pallet: 33
Pallet/Container: 32
Warranty: 15 year residential
Maintenance: only vacuuming clean with recommended hardwood floor cleaner
Indoor Air: test method EN717-3,result E1

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Birch Bistro Hardwood Flooring Brand: Laurentian Hardwood Collection: Newbury Locking Application: Residential Shade: Light, Medium, Dark Construction: Engineered Residential Warranty: 25 Years Species: Birch, White Oak, Hard Maple Gloss: Matte Style: Wire Brushed Variations: 15 SKUs: LAULMBKA6G5KFP, LAULMBKA6F1KFP, LAULMBKA693KFP, LAULMBK991RKFP, LAULMBK2R8KFBR, LAULMBK2P9KFBR, LAULMBK2G3KFBR, LAULMBK2P5KFBR, LAULMBK2R3KFBR, LAULMBK255KFBR, LAULMBK2P8KFBR, LAULMBK2P6KFBR, LAULMBK2F3KFBR, LAULMBK2M7KFBR, LAULMBK2P3KFBRAC Rating: n/a Emissions Rating: E1 Installation:float, glue or staple Usage: on, above or below grade Bevel: 4 sided micro bevel Finish: flat Maximus Aluminum Oxide oak – light wire brushed birch/maple – flat finish Construction: multi ply core Certification: ISO 9001 & 14001 Locking system: drop lock Underlayment: use 6 mil poly vapour barrier when installing below grade or over concrete Radiant Heat: Approved over water based radiant heat systems

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