Popular Toronto Hardwood Flooring Trends

Although hardwood flooring has an incredibly classic and timeless appeal, each year new trends inspired by leading designers and manufacturers emerge.

At Chestnut Flooring, we carry a variety of options for your custom hardwood floors, including the three most popular Toronto hardwood flooring trends: wider boards, textured surfaces, and natural grey toned patinas.


While traditional hardwood is typically 2 ½ -3 inches in width, hardwood planks are now available in wider 7-8 inch widths.

Wide planks, which were once primarily utilized in more rustic settings, are now commonplace is both contemporary and traditional homes. One of the greatest advantages of wider planks is the resulting reduction in the number of bevels across the floor. Using 8-inch planks rather than 6-inch planks, for example, reduces the number of bevels in a room by as much as 25 percent, which appeals to clients who dislike the choppy or busy appearance of thin floor boards. When installing wide plank floors, partial glue down or full trowel glue down methods need to be used, adhering to the manufacturer’s specifications for the particular product being used. To learn more about the latest trends in hardwood flooring in Toronto, we welcome you to visit our showroom to browse our extensive collection of high quality hardwood flooring. Regardless of your design aesthetic, we can completely customize your hardwood floors to suit your style, home, and budget.

Handscraped or wire brushed floors have also gained popularity in recent years as they help achieve character, or a lived in look.

Hardwood with a textured surface is desirable because small dents or scratches will go unnoticed since the floor itself is already textured. This makes textured hardwood an ideal choice for busy households and families with children or pets, as textured planks will not show signs of wear and tear. While previously, many customers preferred smooth, “piano top” floors, wire brushed floors are now all the rage because they are easier to maintain since they do not show dust or footprints. While lower end manufacturers use machines to produce the hand-scraped effect, which results in a pattern that is replicated on each board, we carry high-end hand-scraped planks which deliver a unique, natural effect.

Grey Toned

Grey toned hardwood is another popular trend in hardwood flooring in Toronto. While previously this look could only be achieved using a stain or glaze, which appeared unnatural, thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to create a natural grey patina using a process called fuming. Manufacturers have perfected the fuming process and can now create beautiful, predictable results which look naturally aged. This technique is done using white oak and can be done in varying degrees, which provides a wide range of grey toned hardwood. Wood that is highly fumed will appear richer and darker, while wood that is lightly fumed will appear lighter and brighter. Additional treatments can also be used to highlight and add depth to the wood, achieving your desired look.


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