Patterned Flooring

Integrating patterns into your flooring design is a brilliant way to make your style stand out and capture the attention of everyone who visits your home. Patterned flooring provides a bold unique look that accentuates the aura of any space.

See below for some of our featured design inspiration ideas for some of the most popular and desired floor patterns. 


Chevron Pattern

The chevron pattern is a striking and bold design, characterized by a carefully assembled arrow shaped layout. 

The precision of the chevron design is what makes it captivating and makes it stand out among others.



The mosaic pattern covers a plethora of different patterned styles, typically characterized by a combination of vertical and diagonal patterns set in a rectangular frame.

Mosaic patterned floors have been utilized across centuries – from landmarks such as the Palace of Versailles to the Chateau de Cheverny. They provide a semblance of order and a truly charming ambience.


The Herringbone pattern is characterized by its jagged interlocked style. Unlike the Chevron flooring pattern, the Herringbone comprises of a triangular pattern where all of the planks align and lock into themselves.


The uniblock pattern is a classic style that has stood the test of time. Modern iterations of this pattern feature planks of varying shades, to create a stunning checkered appearance.

The uniblock pattern is classy and elegant, and is sure to stand out and create a captivating impression.


Specializing in Unique Patterned Flooring

We carry all of the flooring patterns discussed here, including ones that are even more unconventional and unique.

We have flooring patterns available in Engineered Hardwood planks – or we can create fully custom pattern designs with solid hardwood. There are many options across different price ranges – to bring your patterned floor designs to life.

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We bring the most intricate flooring plans to life, from selecting the flooring style and types to the precise measurements and wood species. We carry a wide range of flooring types – from select domestic and imported brands – at exclusive prices.

Get a free consultation with our flooring design experts – and explore the possibilities at your pace – in a calm and relaxed browsing environment – at our Greater Toronto Area boutique.

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