Obsession flooring has represented a broad category of hardwood markets in Canada. The unique construction of the Obsession flooring makes it a reliable and stable platform for hardwood products. You will love this rich and elegant hardwood. Obsession flooring differs from other companies in hardwood production. This is because the hardwoods are human-made. Also, it gives a unique and premium finish after production.

We are pleased to always introduce you to the high quality that comes with the Obsession flooring. We pride ourselves in providing you a unique and handcrafted look that is in vogue. These floors offer an aesthetic made from three different species of wood, which are the exotic walnut, white oak, and the hickory. We offer the best expert advice and ware-delivery for our clients.

Here are the reasons you need to know to choose Obsession and its expansive catalog of products for your long-lasting hardwood floors:

  • Cost-effective and affordability: When considering a hardwood floor that lasts for a premium and never fades in beauty, the obsession flooring might be what you should consider. We are sure you will get this quality for the financing choice that suits you. Over time, Obsession flooring has managed to keep the hardwood prices reasonable and affordable for people.

  • Locally made quality: The Obsession production takes place here in Ontario, Canada. This offers you an edge over damages due to our location. The location so far has helped reduce transportation costs for materials.

It thrives on the emphasis of the unique process the experts go through to reduce board shrinkage.

  • Creativity and honesty: Obsession flooring also takes extra care to ensure that its flooring finishes are 99% VOC and formaldehyde-free. This is very important to each client who is health-conscious and environmentally responsible. The hardwood floor manufactured is purely man-made, and it uses the solid sawn cut. This gives an exotic and classy feel to the final product.

Our Obsession Flooring experts here are willing to explain and give you the best advice you need about maintaining and cleaning up your hardwood floors to last long.

We are extra about our work, and this pushes us to do better in advising our client

Our unique construction of Obsession flooring in Toronto makes it a reliably stable platform, renowned. Are you looking forward to investing in the quality hardwood floor, here are products we offer;

  • Obsession Flooring Toronto: Hand-scraped Floors

The natural detail of the hand-scraped finishes enhances the beauty of wood species and adds warmth to the surface of the floor. There are numerous species and designs you can choose from Obsession’s catalogs. Few of these are the Alps, Amberg, Appolo, Barn wood, Duben, Harvest Stone, Himalaya, Hudson, Lake View, Marshall, Milan, Mission Hill, Naples, Natural, Old European Castle, Oslo, Paris, Riga, Rome, Rotterdam, Silver Night, Sofia, Steelco, Turin, and Zenus.

  • Obsession Flooring- Solid Wood Floor

Common species of these hardwood species available:

  • Hard maple- commonly used to construct dance studios and basketball courts.

  • Northern red oak- commonly known for its dense nature

  • Hickory- widely used in areas expecting high traffic. It is quite harder than the northern red oak.

Here are a few things you should know about hardwood in 2020 so far:

  • One of the new trends about hardwoods in 2020 is that there is a constant shift towards darker tones, lighter tone, as well as browner and cooler-toned hardwoods.

  • Also, there is a new trend towards the Grey tones. The grey tones subtly mixed with brown tones, or sometimes blacks are trending and in more demand now. Warmer tones are less in vogue now.

  • Also, whitewashed and lightly whitewashed floors are rapidly coming back in demand. Although, the whitewashes now are subtle so the floor can be more natural


Obsession flooring is known for its elegance and classy nature. It is human-made and also comes with a wear warranty that can be trusted.

Contact us today, as our experts use our unique process guide you in choosing your wide varieties of flooring with a no-fade guarantee.

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