Obsession Hardwood Flooring is a renowned flooring company that specialises in providing beautiful, durable, high-quality flooring solutions to residential and commercial clients. They have mastered the technique of creating unique and exclusive hardwood floors and spoilt their customers by providing a wide range of choices when it comes to plank sizes, grades, species, finishes, widths, colors, and grades.

The products by Obsession Flooring require far less maintenance compared to other companies while their floors also hide the signs of everyday traffic. They emphasize the character and natural beauty of each wood species. The outer beauty of obsession hardwood flooring is unparalleled. Their flooring solutions are hand-crafted with hardwood strips that lay across each piece of the floor and are uniform in density. Their platforms will hold the floor together and provide more resistance against humidity changes in your home as compared to other hardwood, constructive, engineered plywood flooring products.

Obsession Hardwood Flooring – Providing great flooring solutions with plenty of benefits


  • Environment-friendly product

Irrespective of whether you’re looking for floors with interior or exterior usage, Obsession will take special care to ensure that the floors are 99% VOC and formaldehyde-free.

  • Expert product advice

Each member of their sales staff has an experience of 12 years or more meaning you can trust them for their guidance. They adopt a hands-on approach to sales instead of allocating jobs to teams.

  • A wide selection of quality products

With Obsession Flooring, expect a wide selection of cost-effective floors with premium-quality flooring.

Why 2020 will be a great year for the customers of Obsession Flooring?


Obsession Flooring is always looking to improve and provide better products to their customers. They are constantly looking to provide great flooring solutions that are durable and beautiful.

Some of their best-selling flooring options include –


Dimensions: 6” x ¾”

Description: Alps is an engineered solid stable sawn that is highly durable and provides an exquisite flooring option. Being of the hickory species, this product is wirebrushed and will be a great choice for your flooring needs.


Dimensions: 6” x ¾”

Description: Apollo is another great engineered solid stable sawn that provides a decent flooring option. This white oak flooring option will immediately improve the looks and aesthetics of your house while the wirebrushed surface will be a treat for anyone who moves on it.


Dimensions: 6” x ¾”

Description: Here is a great engineered solid stable sawn with a wirebrushed surface that provides great value for money to the customers. Anyone who uses Duben flooring will instantly fall in love with it.

Harvest Stone

Dimensions: 6” x ¾”

Description: As far as engineered solid stable sawn type flooring is concerned, there aren’t many that can match the excellence of Harvest Stone. This beautiful, classy white oak flooring comes with a wirebrushed surface and provides a great flooring option for customers.


Dimensions: 6” x ¾”

Description: Milan is an exotic walnut flooring option that comes with a smooth hand scraped surface. What makes this engineered solid stable sawn one of the best is the classy, vintage vibes it brings to your house. 

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