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Beginning in 1878, and ever since,

Mohawk flooring has manufactured reliable quality in every flooring product they make. Chestnut Flooring is proud to carry on the tradition, offering the full line of Mohawk flooring in Toronto, including carpets, laminate, hardwood, tile and vinyl.

Mohawk not only leads the industry with innovative, advanced technology infused into ever-improving products, but they invest seriously in environmentally responsible practices as well. With a standard of positive community impact, including responsible material sourcing and donation to causes they care about, we think you’ll care about what Mohawk is doing too. All the flooring products made by Mohawk are both third-party safety certified and ecologically friendly. At Chestnut Flooring, our customers have come to rely on the trusted Mohawk name for quality floors, and peace of mind about their purchase. Mohawk flooring in Toronto includes rugs, hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate products. Feel free to browse their extensive, colourful catalogue featuring a multitude of design choices, lasting durability, and today’s best technology. Make An Appointment

Modern designers, businesses and homeowners care a great deal;

not just about the beauty and functionality of their flooring materials, but about the planet we share and sustainability at each point of a product’s life cycle. Mohawk has taken the guesswork out of the entire process from carefully selecting the raw materials to manufacturing in the USA, to distribution, and even end of life recycling. Their products are engineered to last, so we feel confident in offering Mohawk as one of our top-selling product lines. All their flooring comes with excellent warranties, and our experts will be pleased to discuss any aspects of your purchase and installation in detail.

Let’s take a closer look at the products Mohawk Flooring in Toronto is renowned for:

Mohawk- Carpet and Rugs

Mohawk’s carpet catalogue features many new, proven technologies designed to make owning and enjoying carpet a daily luxury.

Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean treatment ensures permanent stain resistance, spill protection, and improved durability. Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield is combined with 0% moisture absorption and pet-specific protection. That means common concerns about pet odours are eliminated. This carpet is “Rated #1 in customer satisfaction,” as per the Mohawk website. They ensure that the stain and soil resistance can never wash or wear off because it’s built right into the very fibres. This worry-free material finally allows those with pets and small children to make the comfort of carpets a hassle-free reality for their living space.

Carpet And Rugs

Soft Underfoot Feel Carpet

Wear-Dated nylon line carpets are created from high-quality nylon for a very refined,

soft fibre feel. Each Wear-Dated rug or carpet is performance tested for colorfastness, durability, stain and soil resistance.

The ecologically friendly EverStrand carpet contains PET polyester,

which is thoroughly purified for sustainable and primarily recycled content that is clean too. Strands can be up to 100% recycled, but don’t compromise on softness or stain-resistance. This is one of our top-sellers as an all-around “feel” good carpet.

You’ll want that welcoming; soft underfoot feel to complete your new carpet installation. Adding SmartCushion™ memory-foam, engineered to enhance the performance of your carpet is an essential luxury that can be felt each day.

Partnered with reputable, 3M, advanced Scotchgard technology with Advanced Repel, fights spills, prevents stains from setting in, and helps to make maintenance easy.

Odour-resistance is available in new Forever Fresh Ultrasoft technology- the best odour-resistant material for carpets and only available through Mohawk Flooring. In Toronto, chestnut Flooring is pleased to carry all the leading carpet products in this extensive line, and we’re available to answer any questions you may have for your project.

Mohawk flooring in Toronto- Hardwood

Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice for discerning homeowners and designers.

Its timeless appeal makes it a sound investment if the quality of planks and installation are top tier. The installation of your Mohawk Flooring Toronto hardwood is just as integral as your selection of a reputable product source.

Mohawk offers advanced hardwood finishing, and unmatched wear or stain resistance through ArmorMax™. This finish is unique because it penetrates deep into the wood, creating a surface 5 times more wear resistant than comparative extended finishes. Mohawk combines this advanced protection with Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology for hardwood flooring that repels stains, scratches, and visible wear while ensuring clean up is easy.

Uniclic® Locking System

Installation of Mohawk hardwood is also a breeze, with the Uniclic® Locking System

that requires no glue or nails. Uniclic offers a tongue and groove click together system, which reduces installation time, increases the durability, and greatly minimizes clean up related to installing hardwood floors. Mohawk Flooring in Toronto has patented Purebond Technology to replace the less desirable urea formaldehyde adhesives. This reduces concerning formaldehyde emissions and allows customers to breathe easy with a safer product. Chestnut Flooring offers both the solid and engineered hardwood options from Mohawk with a variety of colours and species to choose from. Your installation can be floating, nail, glue, or staple, as you prefer. Ask us for help choosing the system that will suit you best, and trust our expert installers to get the job done.

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You’re welcome to visit our expansive Chestnut Flooring showroom in Vaughan and see the carpet,

hardwood, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, rugs and commercial flooring options we have on site. If you’re seeking something we don’t have in stock, simply browse our many catalogues to select and order your personal choice in flooring that suits you and your project. Our flooring experts are always ready to give you advice, detailed information, and help designing or planning for the perfect installation. Call or come in today.

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Solid Hardwood Collections

You’re welcome to visit us at Chestnut Flooring and experience more of the incredible products offered by Mohawk Flooring Toronto. Call for advice, or come in today.

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Mohawk -Laminate Flooring

Mohawk’s newest hyper-realistic laminate floors boast all the rich, detailed beauty of hardwood. The common drawbacks of the more expensive, natural materials are significantly reduced through natural-looking but incredibly resilient laminate. Many people today are seeking a more budget-friendly flooring option, but they don’t want to compromise on style and overall aesthetic. Now they don’t have to.

In the Toronto Mohawk Flooring catalogue, a variety of colours and styles mimic real wood at a fraction of the cost. Mohawk’s laminate floors feature ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Technology to keep your laminate looking new for a long time. A Uniclic locking system also makes laminate easy to install, and this product can even be managed by DIY enthusiasts. Mohawk’s laminate features GenuEdge™ Technology, which delivers the highest standard quality in realistic wood effects. Come in and see the impressive beauty of laminate floors in person.

Mohawk- Tile Floors

Mohawk’s Toronto catalogue showcases some of the most elegant and sought-after tiles on the market. State-of-the-art, Reveal Imaging technology is a printing process that transforms regular tiles into extremely natural-looking stone or hardwood. Mohawk Microban Antibacterial Technology can help you maintain a clean, healthy home and protect your flooring against bacteria, mold or mildew. It won’t wear off or wash away and maintains a reliably secure layer of protection in high traffic zones like your hallways and kitchen.

Mohawk -Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is more popular than ever. Leading the industry with exceptional design and product resilience, Mohawk Flooring in Toronto offers some of the most attractive and low-cost vinyl floor available today.

Advanced printing technology creates realistic stone and wood, which doesn’t carry the maintenance and expense associated with the real thing. It’s waterproof, organic looking and easy to care for. Mohawk vinyl flooring is also available with Uniclic technology for effortless installation.

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