Mercier Wood Flooring

Prefinished Hardwood Manufacturing For Over 35 Years.

Mercier Wood Flooring operates in two mills, in an effort to ensure their products are certifiably eco-friendly by maximizing the use of raw material, recycling renewable energy sources, reducing atmospheric emissions and engaging in responsible wood sourcing.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Mercier Flooring is guaranteed safe for use in your home. The Mercier Generation GreenGuard Certified finish is made of 100% pure soybean oil and is one of the healthiest choices on the market. The finish is extra durable and allows wood to express its true character with it’s clear, smooth and lustrous sheen.The company’s wood floors are easy to maintain and do not require the use of chemically processed products which could be potentially harmful to the environment. To preserve the look of your floor the way it was the day after it’s been installed, just use Mercier cleaning kit, phosphate-free.With retailers around the world, Mercier is one of the companies known for quality hardwood flooring. Their excellent reputation comes from a stunning catalogue of wood types and species, finished with impeccable quality. The company offers a 35-year residential guarantee as well as a 5 year commercial one. Below are some of the Hardwood options in their collection:

The Origins And The Elegencia Collection

This collection features a selection of North American species.

This collection has no stain, so that the natural qualities of each individual board come to light. The species included are: hard maple, hickory, red oak, white ash, white oak and yellow birch.

This collection is inspired by world design trends in colour and material.

For a truly global and unique approach to your home’s décor, any one of these flooring ideas will be beautiful. Now also featuring all new 2016 designs such as: hard maple element, hickory element and yellow birch element.

This collection features a massive and exclusive selection of the most beautiful colors on the red oak and hard maple.

You can customize your flooring infinitely; choose your species, color, gloss, width, grade, in order to create a floor based on your preferences that will suit whatever interior.

The Design+ Collection

The Exotic Collection

This collection features wood species that are naturally rich and vibrant in colours and contrast, from Brazilian or North American exotics.

The species included are: American cherry and walnut, asuncion, Brazilian cherry, chuao, la paz, lima, Puerto cabello, santos mahogany and tigerwood.

The Nature Collection features absolutely stunning floors with a rough, textured look that harmonizes beautifully with rustic and modern décor alike.

Produced using methods that accentuate the intrinsic qualities of the wood, the Nature Collection reveals its bold or subtle character to create boards with rich and distinctly individual patterns.

The Nature Collection

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