What are laminate floors?

Don’t you wear clothes to protect yourself from various climatic changes; don’t you put on a protective cover on your mobile phone? The same way, even floorboards need a proper protective layer so as to protect it from various short comings and mild scratches. That is when laminated floors come into picture, it is a hybrid floor covering which ensures the protection of your floor board and gives it a very attractive texture, and the installation is similar like that of hardwood floor board installation. But the maintenance and cleaning of laminated floor is equally necessary so that you get an effective laminated floor board. Multiple boards are combined with the tongue-and-groove system. Laminate flooring has got certain layers; the top most is the durable and long lasting plastic layer that is responsible for the protection of the layers below it, the next one is the floor pattern layer that gives the floor the attractive appearance; you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns for this layer. Then comes in the core layer which is made up of High Density Fiberboard, it gives shock absorbance ability to the floor. Finally it is all layered down to the balancing layer that acts as the moisture barrier and a stable base for the entire flooring.

What are the best ways to maintain wood laminate floors?

The most effective way to keep your laminated floors clean is to keep up with the routine maintenance. Consistent and daily scrubbing and maintenance will keep the laminated flooring in a much better condition rather than occasional attempts at deep scrubs.

Sweep or vacuum clean the laminated floor

Sweeping is one of the most easiest and effortless floor cleaning routines. Dirt and dust particles don’t just dull the attractiveness and exclusiveness of your home but also cause tiny cracks and scratches in the laminated floor that deteriorates surface of your floors. You should make sure that you sweep your laminated flooring at least once a week, and if you wish to opt for something even more comfortable then you can always use vacuum cleaner to ward off the dust. Do not forget to make sure that you use a soft mop for sweeping and change the settings of your vacuum cleaner accordingly.

Wipe up spills without delay

Laminate floors may look like they are protected and completely water proof but the fact is that they are not. Liquids tend to seep overnight into the layers of the flooring hence it is best to clean up and wipe off the spills immediately and endure that you use a dry cloth afterwards to make sure that all the dampness is gone.

A Summary of Maintenance Tips

  • Sweep the floor frequently with a soft bristle sweeper; make sure the routine I followed. Use a soft brush attachment while using a vacuum cleaner to clean the hard to reach corners of your house.
  • You can make use of a steam mop occasionally for deep cleansing of the laminated flooring.
  • So if you are looking for an aesthetic look like that of a marble flooring or hardwood flooring but have a limited budget ten you should definitely opt for laminated flooring and if you do so then don’t forget to maintain them!

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