Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) & Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) Comparison

When it comes to flooring, luxury can be achieved with vinyl flooring. Luxury is a term that is often misconstrued as extravagance, however its meaning goes beyond that. With respect to vinyl flooring, luxury is a term that guarantees high-quality and assurance for the client while available at a reasonable and affordable cost.


The difference between vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring in general have a number of benefits to offer, but by the addition of “luxury” in its name there is an increased appeal. The primary differentiating factor is that when you choose luxury vinyl flooring, you are choosing more premium styles compared to basic vinyl. Luxury vinyl offers a combination of visual aesthetics such as pattern schemes, colours and replications that can match any room and any style that you wish.

This modern and elegant flooring is manufactured with a unique photogravure technique that creates a tactile 3D finish that closely resembles real textured, stone or hardwood with grains, for only a fraction of the price. Furthermore, you can experience beautiful vinyl flooring without the typical hassles associated with self-installation as it is designed to be extremely DIY-friendly with a “click-and-lock” system.

Vinyl flooring has a lot to offer with its realistic textures and designs, durable wear layers and water-resistance

It comes with many different options and one of the fastest growing categories is luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and planks (LVP). These are the high-end vinyl products that make for a great investment in your home. LVT and LVP are highly resilient with superior wear layers that are resistant to scratches, strain, dents and water. Both LVT and LVP also undergo a manufacturing procedure called the photogravure process, which results in high-definitely colours, subtle shading and authentic 3D textures. This process has mastered the style, look and feel of hardwood, slates and tiles.


While traditional vinyl flooring offers many benefits such as durability, easy maintenance, and scratch and water resistance – all within a low-cost range – LVT and LVP have the same advantages and more

We will discuss the features and benefits of LVT and LVP that separate it from the mix of other vinyl flooring goods. Like all vinyl flooring, LVT and LVP are easy to maintain and clean. It simply requires damp mopping to keep its perfect appearance. In addition, LVT and LVP are also water-resistance and fairly impervious to wet spills, as long as it is installed properly over a flat, dry subflooring. LVT and LVP are also very resistant to scratch, stain, dent and scuff because it is manufactured with a special wear layer and coated with urethane for extra-durability.  

Although LVT and LVP are made from vinyl like traditional vinyl flooring, it is drastically different than the other types of vinyl flooring in their manufacturing process, complete aesthetics and applications. With today’s technology, LVT and LVP have been manufactured with a special process known as the photogravure process, which allows for incredibly realistic photo replications of the natural materials. This process creates a natural wood or stone aesthetic, complete with colours and textures for LVT and LVP to resemble real hardwood and stone. Now, many enjoy the look and feel of hardwood and stone but for only a fraction of its price because of the reality of LVT and LVP.

LVT and LVP are also environmentally-friendly and satisfies the standards for being “green”

There are certain brands of LVT and LVP that earn LEED points for their customers. This category of luxury vinyl flooring also has superior inherent safety features compared to regular vinyl flooring. LVT and LVP are slip-resistant and meet the requirements of commercial flammability codes, as well as many other safety codes.  

Finally, LVT and LVP flooring is much more resilient than other hard-surface flooring options. Due to the multiple layers of vinyl and resilient backing that is foundation for LVT and LVP, these provide better and more comfortable footing. It is much better to stand and walk on LVT and LVP flooring for extended periods of time than other surfaces. Another perk is that LVT and LVP tends to be warmer than traditional ceramic tiles.  

Unmistakeably, LVT and LVP have many features and benefits that makes it a more superior flooring option compared to other vinyl products. If you are interested in using LVT or LVP for your home renovations, we suggest you check out our LVT products like SPC and WPC flooring.


When to choose LVT

Here is what you need to know in order to choose the right luxury vinyl flooring for your home.  Luxury vinyl tiles – if you are looking to replicate a floor surface in order to capture a vibe or essence within a room of your home, LVT is your best option. For instance, the use of LVT with a textured stone surface can bring a modern feel and sophisticated design for a kitchen. Furthermore, LVT is naturally one of the easiest surfaces to clean, which makes it perfect for rooms that experience a lot of foot traffic. Choosing to use LVT as flooring will give your home an extra sense of style and spark when you go from room to room.

Fusion Harwood Fllooring Toronto Braxton Oak Euro Contempo Collection Laminate

Luxury vinyl planks – while LVT is fantastic for replicating, LVP is a great choice if you are looking to provide a room with a more natural design

For example, LVP will have design options available that can perfectly match your wooden cabinets in the kitchen. There are a plethora of patterns, shades and arrangements of LVP that offer the warm aesthetic of a wooden surface. Additionally, LVP is sold in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can accommodate rooms of any size within your home.  Although homeowners hear “luxury” and immediately assume “expensive”, this is not the case with luxury vinyl flooring. With only a slightly higher cost, luxury Vinyl flooring options have been proven to provide homes with more durable and appealing floors.

Fusion Harwood Flooring Toronto Oak Wild Natural Outer Banks Collection Engineered Hardwood


Come into Chestnut Flooring today to see all the options we provide for luxury flooring and choose yours!

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