LM Flooring

LM Flooring

LM Flooring was founded in 2001, and has been a high profile name in engineered wood flooring production and design since.

LM Flooring is dedicated to the design and production of products of the highest quality, a passion that is reflected in the company’s massive catalogue of floors crafted by veteran artists. Since it’s inception, LM has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of engineered hardwood in the world, and is a forerunner and reader in the Green movement.

LM Flooring

The company produced more flooring from rapidly renewable and recycled materials than any other manufacturer.

This flooring, made from both exotic and domestic species, ranges from traditional strip to wide plank, and features a variety of hand-crafted and distressed designs. LM’s collections include hand-inlaid borders, decorative patterns and commercial-grade acrylic infused hardwood. By using advances technologies, the company achieves the highest precision in wood milling and fine Italian finishing. A company dedicated to customer service, LM strives to deliver the highest quality hardwood floors to it’s distributors.

Engineered flooring is a far more sustainable business than solid hardwood floors; compared to solid hardwood, engineered floors yield up to three times more square feet of floor covering per tree harvested.

All engineered floors by LM are guaranteed to last a lifetime, meaning that in the time your floor will spend in service to your home, several generations of forests will mature. Engineered hardwood is less likely to warp, bend or be susceptible to any of the issues that come with the maintenance of solid hardwood floors. Due to the way engineered hardwood is produced, it is less likely that solid to go through changes in appearance based on seasonal temperatures. For Canadian homes where temperature variability is an issue, engineered hardwood is a safest bet, as it is more likely to retain its overall appearance. All of LM’s engineered products come with a 25-year residential warranty, and a 5-year commercial warranty.

Engineered Flooring

Unique Flooring Designs

With over 150 different flooring products, LM Flooring has one of the most extensive catalogues in the business.

Collections such as Heritage and Seneca Creek boast the company’s ability to create unique flooring designs based on gorgeous, antique, hand-scraped wood, while collections such as Seaside or Weston showcase LM’s dedication to new design, modern looks and refined style. With 26 different collections, there is no way you can go wrong with LM Flooring. LM offers flooring in a variety of different finishes: Brushed, Distressed, Hand-Scraped, Open Grain, Smooth and Weathered, and uses a multitude of wood species to craft their gorgeous floors. These are: Acacia, American Walnut, Bamboo, Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Country Maple, Cumaru, Eucalyptus, European Oak, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Red Oak, Santos Mahogany, Sapelli, Sliced Birch, Sucupira Preta, Tigerwood and White Oak. All LM hardwoods are made with the intention of revealing the wood’s timeless beauty, classic looks and astounding colours, while maintaining the quality, value and benefits of engineered hardwood in every plank.

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