Toronto Laminate Flooring – Luxurious Looks at a Fraction of the Price!

The mark of a superior product is one that is affordable, attractive, excels at its job, is easy to use and/or maintain, and doesn’t require a lot of setup or fine-tuning.

These are all traits that Toronto’s laminate flooring has in spades and it should be no surprise that laminate continues to be one of the city’s top flooring choices. Laminate offers the look of hardwood, stone, or tile floors while being more durable, more resistant, DIY-friendly, and only requiring basic maintenance, all at a fraction of the cost. Take a look below and see why Torontonians love their laminate.

The Best Form of Flattery

You can use laminate to produce beautiful stone, wood, or other styles and reduce cost compared to the real material.

Laminate’s claim to fame as a flooring material is the layer of a printed image like hardwood, stone, or other design is compressed between the inner core and a transparent seal. The design layer is what lets laminate mimic the look of other materials and manufacturer’s have refined the effect to the point where it’s possible for individual wood-look planks to have unique grains, whorls, and patterns just like genuine wood. It is even possible to get embossed laminate flooring in Toronto, which adds realistic textures onto an already convincing appearance.

Imitation alone is not enough to explain why laminate flooring in Toronto is so popular.

The other part of the equation rests in how resistant laminate is as a material. The protective wear layer guards the surface against scratches, scuffs, moisture, and can even shield against UV rays. A hardwood floor may fade over time from sun exposure, but laminate never will. Laminate floors are also excellent at withstanding heavy foot traffic and are suitable for any locale from a lesser-used guestroom to bustling, cart-filled supermarkets. Laminate does not need to be waxed, polished or refinished, and the latter is actually impossible. The wear layer is remarkably strong and will keep most damage at bay. In the event that damage does occur, a laminate plank or tile can simply be removed and a new one set in its place. Manufacturer warranties for laminate floors typically last for ten years to lifetime guarantees, which shows the confidence the makers have in their product’s longevity.

Durable, Long-Lasting, and Easy to Maintain


Most laminate floors use a floating installation method.

In this method the planks fit together like puzzle pieces and attach to one another rather than the subfloor directly. This makes laminate comparatively easy from a DIY perspective and also increases the number of surfaces it can be installed over. Floating installations can be done over wood or concrete subfloors and even over existing tile in certain situations. Some models of laminate will require you to place a foam moisture barrier before laying the tile proper, though it is becoming common for manufacturers to make laminate that comes with the barrier already attached.

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