Things To Know Before Choosing The Best Laminate Flooring For Your Space in Toronto

There are more great choices than ever when it comes to selecting flooring material today.

Whether you are seeking a high luxury finish or concerned with the durability of the floor in your space, laminate flooring in Toronto fulfills these requirements on a budget that beats the competition. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering this exciting material as you shop.

Protecting Your Investment

What should you watch for?

If you’re considering laminate, you likely know about its natural resistance to wear and tear that make it perfect for homes with kids and pets, or high traffic spaces like foyers and commercial space. It’s also important to understand that not all laminate is created the same and some are more durable than others. Here’s how you can tell what the scratch and dent-resistance for your potential floor will be.Look abrasion criteria- ACrating – which range from 1-5 and can be selected to match the needs of your family and your lifestyle. The higher the number, the more durable the floor. Scratch resistance can be evaluated before purchasing as well. Protective treatments like Aluminum Oxide help lock in the strength of the top floor layer and resist scratching. Also, wear warranties help protect your investment so look for a product that guarantees it will hold up.

Is the flooring you want the best choice for your room?

Some types of laminate flooring in Toronto are completely waterproof. They are resistant to mold and mildew which means unlike most wood and wood-look products, they can be placed in basements and even bathrooms with no issues. Many laminate types are not completely waterproof however,and you should ask what the suitability is for your room and your preferred product. Though they are quite resilient and strong, many can warp and curl at the edges if installed in a bathroom, kitchen, basement or laundry room where there may be standing water. Another key factor is the amount of direct sunlight your floor will be exposed to in a given room. UV protectant to ward off fading and discoloration is often important to include. With so many advanced types and materials, however, you’re sure to find a laminate floor that works for you.

Waterproof Types of Laminate

‘Real Wood’ Finishes

Choose finishes to compliment your style

The width of planks, the colour,and wood grain all lend specific characteristics and style to a room. This is an area where your showroom flooring expert can really help guide you through all the possibilities. If you have a small room, you can consider light shades of wood to open it up. If you are seeking a sleek, clean and modern appearance, a high-shine finish and subtle wood grain may be perfect. Laminate flooring is available in a range of ‘real wood’ finishes so you are able to completely capture the look you want if it is rustic, vintage and rugged barn boards, knotty, exotic grain or smooth, soft and elegant. Whatever your décor, there is laminate flooring in Toronto to match and compliment it, so have fun shopping!

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