Laminate Flooring in Toronto is a Great Choice For Houses With Pets

Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly choice, offering great benefits for houses with animals.

When you’re shopping for flooring in your home, you will have many aspects to consider, and animal lovers have additional factors since pets make a huge impact on the best materials for your home in Toronto. Whether you have dogs, cats, or a whole zoo under your roof, we’ll highlight some of the key reasons this option may be the perfect, stress-free choice for you.

Odour Resistant

Easy to clean

Pets are notorious for shedding, and even if your furry friend is hypoallergenic, they’re sure to track in dirt and debris from time to time. With this type of flooring, a dry microfiber mop will easily capture any dust or hair to leave your floors gleaming. When muddy footprints mark your floors, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will easily lift the grime and set your home back to sparkling.

Laminate is a superior flooring option when it comes to the smells that can permeate a house with pets. As mentioned, it is fantastically easy to sweep up, so you will not have to worry about scent emanating from fur, dirt, or stray kibbles. Depending on the finish, you can add a splash of white vinegar with gentle soap to your mop bucket in order to neutralize odours when cleaning, especially if your pets are still housetraining or prone to accidents.

Water resistant

Life with a cat or dog is never spill-proof, and you’ll want flooring that can withstand splashes from the water bowl, potty training and mopping up any other messes. Well-installed laminate will have tight seams that are essentially waterproof, although you should never leave a wet mess or puddle standing. Dampness that seeps through to the floor’s core can cause warping, but as long as you dry everyday spills and avoid mopping with excessive water, this material can last for years with minimal wear.

Toronto laminate flooring is extraordinarily scratch resistant, which makes it an ideal solution for houses with pets. Other options can quickly show wear and nail marks from untrimmed claws, but laminate cannot be gouged, dented or scraped nearly as easily. Of course, scratch resistance is a huge plus when it comes to reducing human wear and tear as well! This material stands up well to sliding chairs and heavy foot traffic.

Nearly Scratch-Proof

Finish Options

The right choice in flooring

For pet owners considering laminate flooring in Toronto, a smooth, glossy finish is not recommended. It will look beautiful, but the lack of texture underfoot can make it too slippery for four-legged family members. Select a laminate style with a textured or embossed finish so that pets can move throughout the house as easily as the rest of you.

Animals in the home provide companionship, emotional support, and physical benefits by keeping us active. They can lower our stress levels, and they enhance our sense of worth and well-being simply through their presence and friendship. By making the right choice in flooring, you can benefit them, just as they benefit you. Talk to the experts at Chestnut Flooring when you’re deciding what flooring suits you best.

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