Laminate Flooring in Toronto : Everything You Need to Know

There’s never been a better alternative to wood flooring.

Laminate in Toronto houses, condos and commercial spaces looks stylish and offers durability that can’t be beat. Here, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to laminate so you can learn for yourself what this innovative design material does for a home, and budget.

The Luxurious Feel of Wood Finish

Are you looking for laminate flooring in Toronto, but not sure where to start?

Choosing the best product for your space can be stressful. If you’ve got a busy, high-traffic home, you may have heard that laminate will weather the abuse better than solid hardwood, and that’s correct. Thanks toincredible advancements in printing and manufacturing, the styles, colours and finishes available for laminate are extensive. You’ve narrowed down your material, but there’s still plenty of decisions to make.

What are the best rooms for laminate installation?

Because there are small gaps left between the click-together planks, laminate is not the best choice for bathrooms or spaces where water may splash and sit on the floor. It’s usually suitable for the kitchen, as long as liquid spills are wiped up immediately. Many customers choose the photo-realistic wood effect laminate plank options for their kitchen just because the price is much lower than solid wood and if a board does sustain damage, it can be replaced. Living rooms and bedrooms love laminate. Water is rarely a problem, and the luxurious feel of any wood finish you choose can be enjoyed. You can even select a rustic or ‘hand scraped’ look.

How do manufacturers make laminate flooring in Toronto?

Also referred to as ‘wood tile,’ laminate consists of layers of wood particles and resin pressed together under high heat. A photo layer resembling real wood grain is laid on top and sealed for longevity. Laminate can also be printed to look like stone in the same way.

Is laminate a DIY material?

Much more so than solid hardwood, yes, laminate floor is designed in a click together format. This makes it possible to undertake a flooring job yourself if you are somewhat handy, however even laminate flooring can have problems with gaps or underflooring if not installed correctly. It’s worthwhile for most people to hire a professional who will ensure your flooring looks as good as it can in whatever space you choose.

Professional Installation

Keep The Floor Looking Fresh

How can you care for laminate floors?

Laminate flooring provides resistance to nicks and scratching from furniture or pets, making it well-suited to busy homes. Keep in mind that it’s not entirely indestructible. If planks are chipped or gauged,they can’t be sanded and refinished. Instead, the floor must be lifted up and the damaged pieces replaced, so while they are very robust and scratch resistant, a reasonable amount of care is still advised.

The surface of most laminate is impervious to water, but it canseep between cracks if left to sit so avoid sitting water including saturated mops for cleaning. Clean up is easy, but it’s difficult for some people to resist strong scrubbing agents or solvents.

You should avoid anything that could strip or wear down your protective coating. Warm water and a damp mop are usually sufficient to keep the floor looking fresh.

If you have questions about using laminate to beautify your space, or would like to see our showroom selection, give Chestnut Flooring a call today.

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