How To Maintain Your Laminate Flooring in Toronto

In Toronto, laminate flooring is popular for use in many different rooms due to its affordability, durability, and ease of installation.

This material can last without showing signs of wear for years, and with proper maintenance, you will enjoy beautiful surfaces that resist fading, scratching, and scuffing. Here are the key principles to follow to keep your laminate as good as new:

Maintaining Laminate Flooring


  • Clean your floors regularly with a vacuum cleaner or soft bristle broom
  • Depending on the level of traffic and use of the room, you may not need to sweep every day, but every other day is a good benchmark to strive for. Laminate is extremely easy to sweep up, and if you do use a vacuum, check that the beater brush is high enough to avoid battering the finish.

  • Use a microfibre mop rather than a traditional one
  • Excess moisture is the enemy when it comes to maintaining your laminate flooring in Toronto. Traditional mops can slosh too much water and push the liquid around instead of absorbing it rapidly as microfibre can.

  • Take care when moving furniture
  • The wear layer coating your laminate is extraordinarily durable, but there’s no reason to take chances. If you’re moving furniture, you can protect the finish by lifting rather than dragging pieces across the room. You can also invest in protective pads for the feet of chairs to avoid wear over time from sliding back and forth.

  • Anticipate where excess moisture and dirt may cause problems
  • Pay attention to the areas where it is most likely that water could drip, splash or be tracked in, and protect those spots with good quality floor mats. For example, an absorbentrug placed in front of a washing machine can catch moisture flung off clothes that are being transferred into the dryer or a laundry basket. If you’ve installed laminate in a bathroom, a cozy floor covering outside the shower will pamper your feet and protect against warping or water stains.


  • Use wax, varnish, or detergents on your floor
  • These products may be advertised for improving and maintaining glossiness, but they can actually lead to a filmy buildup that does just the opposite. When you clean, it will be sufficient to add a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water and then moisten a cloth or mop with the mixture.

  • Leave any kind of wet mess unattended
  • Damage by moisture is the greatest threat to the long-term beauty of your laminate flooring in Toronto. Only the core material is susceptible to water damage, and it is protected by the waterproof wear layer above and a sealant coating below. However, if pools or puddles are left to sit, the liquid can seep through the seams where the planks were fitted together, and into the core through the unprotected edges. After mopping, consider passing a dry mop or towel to absorb any excess moisture that remains.

    If you adhere to these simple do’s and don’ts from the beginning, you will be able to avoid the most common laminate maintenance challenges. These best practices will quickly become ingrained as habits, and you’ll have no trouble keeping your gorgeous floors looking good as new. For more tips or help selecting your beautiful new floors, contact Chestnut Flooring today!

Keeping Floors Looking Good

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