How To Choose The Right Thickness For Your Laminate Flooring in Vaughan

Do you know how to choose the right thickness for your laminate flooring in Vaughan? Here, we’ll explain how the plank thickness, AC ratings and ultraviolet protection all work together to create a high-quality, resilient product.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in Vaughan- For the most popular room in the house

Laminate is considered to be not only beautiful and versatile but suitable for the busiest room in your home. As one of the toughest flooring products on the market, it’s no wonder more people are choosing it to create a hard-wearing kitchen floor. Like other floor covering types, many grades and styles of laminate can be found. It’s less expensive than solid hardwood and easier to install, but most flooring experts recommend you not make your selection based on price and simplicity alone. The AC and UV ratings for your laminate are critical- even more than plank thickness.

AC rating

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring developed AC rating levels. This is a worldwide standard designed to measure factors like resistance to moisture, pooling of liquids, burns, abrasion, impact and stains. The system starts ratings at AC1 and goes up to AC5. AC1 laminate flooring in Vaughan is most appropriate for moderate traffic rooms such as bedrooms. AC2 floors are rated for the medium type of wear a home sees in living rooms and dining rooms. AC3 is reserved for the more substantial foot traffic and possible abuse that a floor could take in hallways and kitchens. AC4 floors are extremely tough and suitable for all residential areas and commercial floors with plenty of foot traffic and multi-use. AC5 is usually installed in commercial situations such as factory floors and commercial.

Strength Qualities

Several other strength-defining factors for laminate flooring include strong backing and a dense core layer.

Laminate planks with dense, pressure-treated edges that snap snugly together will create water-resistant and long-lasting seams.

Design qualities like an original and detailed print which perfectly mimics real wood are essential to high-end laminate.

ISO ratings of 9001 for quality and 14001 indicating environmental commitment are also desirable.

UV protection keeps the surface free of discolouration or fading over time.

AC rating levels

High-Pressure Laminate

Direct or high-pressure laminate?

High-Pressure Laminate has at least five layers, and Direct Pressure Laminate has only four. HPL layers are created by fusing the sheets to the core under heated pressure. DPL assembles the layers then fills them with resins under both heat and pressure. Laminate flooring planks have a centre core that should be manufactured from high-density fibre board, particle board or plastic. Backings are layers that help prevent warping or bowing of the planks.

What effect does thickness have?

Despite common conception, the thickness of boards doesn’t directly indicate durability of laminate flooring, but it is useful to discourage cupping or warping of the boards. A depth of 12 to 15 mm will feel more like real hardwood flooring underfoot, than the thinner options. If you’d like to see elegant laminate flooring up close and learn more about your choices, visit Chestnut Flooring where we have an impressive variety of high-quality options to suit any budget or style.

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