How to Care for Your Laminate Flooring in Vaughan

In Vaughan, laminate flooring customers have already discovered the versatility and durability of laminate.

While it has the beauty and elegance of traditional hardwood flooring, it also comes with the ease of maintenance and cleaning; benefits that a busy household gladly welcomes. This type of material can elevate the style of any room in the house, which makes it such a popular and affordable choice. As with any floor covering, it comes with a list of do’s and don’ts for its maintenance and cleaning. Let’s have a look.



If you’re a perfectionist, you may want to start with moving furniture and children’s toys out of the way, giving yourself a full view of the task before you. Just because it’s not a carpet, doesn’t mean you can’t use the vacuum. It is perfectly fine to use a canister vacuum to pick up the larger pieces of debris; the food the dog didn’t find under the kitchen table, for example. What Vaughan laminate flooring owners recommend, however, is that the rotating brush of your vacuum is turned off to prevent scuffing the surface. Some vacuums on the market have specific heads that are designed for hardwood or laminate flooring. Often, a microfibre soft-mop or broom can adequately handle spot clean-ups and help keep dust to a minimum. Because laminate doesn’t have the deeper grooves and seams found in solid or engineered hardwood, dirt and debris are kept to a minimum which is welcome news for allergy sufferers and use in public spaces. When it comes to washing your laminate flooring, a damp mop can be used, with a trusted laminate floor cleaner. In Vaughan, laminate floor experts warn against over-saturating the floor; you don’t need much water! For smaller areas, a Swiffer-type mop with removable pads is ideal and makes for easy disposal.


While the temptation to create a shine may be nagging at you, resist it. You bought laminate for it’s beautiful, resilient finish, and using a polish or wax finish can achieve the opposite of what you want. Laminate owners also warn against the use of abrasive scrubs or cleansers. These can cause permanent damage through discolouration and scratching. Aromatherapy has become quite a popular wellness endeavour. Often, people like to add essential oils to the mop bucket to diffuse peace and tranquillity as they clean, but you can wind up with a residue on your floors or a mix of scents that linger after you’ve tired of them.



Do It Yourself

In the quest for eco-friendly cleaners, you may wish to experiment with DIY soaps. It’s economical and can be environmentally friendly to do so. However, using your great-grandma’s floor-cleaning recipe before you check out the effects it may have on your laminate flooring isn’t advised. Instead, ask your floor manufacturer or dealer what healthy, natural options they recommend. With these helpful cleaning tips, we hope cleaning your laminate flooring will be a breeze.

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