How Can Humidity Affect Laminate Flooring in Toronto?

One of the concerns for maintenance of solid hardwood floor is moisture and the way this affects all wood.

Though laminate flooring is a much more resilient product that only looks like solid wood,it still shares some of the vulnerabilities to humidity that hardwood does. Laminate flooring in Toronto can be affected by the changing seasons and moisture levels in your home. Here’s what to watch for and how to care for your floors so they look as good in decades to come as they did when first installed.

Weathered Floor

Summer weather in Canada can bring high levels of humidity along with heat

That means that the water levels within the air in your home will rise. You can’t see the moisture in your air, but your floors can feel it. Wood floors and wood products absorb water, so they swell in the summertime. Laminate floors are constructed from layers of wood products and resin, designed to click together tightly. When the boards expand, they may buckle and bow slightly, and when they contract and shrink, spaces could appear between the planks. Over time, these continual shifts may cause your floor to appear weathered or not fit together like it once did.

How can you help fight the effects of humidity on your Toronto hardwood floors?

Large amounts of water from a wet mop are not helpful for laminate. The water seeps into cracks and crevices where it can be slowly absorbed and warp the wood. Don’t worry, one of the conveniences of laminate flooring is that upkeep is not complicated. You don’t need special cleaners, oils or sealers to keep them shiny and bright. Simply use a damp cloth with mild soap or floor cleaner recommended by your manufacturer. Even plain water works fine for every day messes and spills, but the key is using the least amount of moisture you can to get the job done. On a daily basis, sweeping and vacuuming is sufficient.

Be Cautious When You Clean

Maintaining Humidity Levels

Try to keep your home’s air humidity level between 35% and 55%

Modern thermostats measure this factor, or you can purchase a hydrometer. You might need to cool your space or invest in a dehumidifier if you note the number consistently higher than 55%. Likewise, in the winter months when air becomes dry, you may need to boost air moisture with a humidifier. Monitoring and maintaining humidity levels in the home can be easy but many people don’t think of it. If you maintain consistent levels your floor’s warranty is protected, and your floors will always look their best. While some laminate flooring in Toronto is 100% waterproof, others are only water resistant. A product which is resistant to scratches and scuffs may not necessarily resist the humidity in your air effectively as you hope. Follow this simple guide to keep your floor beautiful for many years to come.

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