Why Laminate Flooring in Vaughan is One of the Top Choices for Your Stairs

You’ve just bought your first fixer-upper, and the stairs are detracting from your home’s style.

You might consider carpet, but we think you should take a closer look at laminate flooring in Vaughan, first.

Laminate flooring

What is laminate flooring?

While an imitation of real wood, it doesn’t appear to be the low-budget choice. Over the years, manufacturers have developed laminates that can almost replicate the look of solid hardwood—or just about any other surface; you might fancy—tile, metal or even stone. Whatever your choice of design, its professionally-generated likeness is printed and glued onto a man-made fibrous board. The surface layer is given a protective coat that prevents scratches and other damage brought on by wear and tear. In Vaughan, laminate flooring buyers have found it to be an affordable alternative to solid or engineered hardwood.

You’ll have less work in the long run

While there are advantages to carpets, such as sound absorption and warmth, laminate flooring customers have reported that the time, money and ease of installing laminate far outweighed the benefits of carpet. If you’re allergic to pet dander trapped in carpet, the time and effort to rip it out with underpadding, glue and nails can leave you wondering why you didn’t just start with laminate in the first place! Even if laminate eventually has to be replaced, it’s still cheaper in time and money than carpet is. As with any home improvement plan, there’s a myriad of exciting choices to be made. We hope we’ve enticed you to have fun and enjoy working with laminate flooring.


Less work in the long run

Do It Yourself

In the quest for eco-friendly cleaners, you may wish to experiment with DIY soaps. It’s economical and can be environmentally friendly to do so. However, using your great-grandma’s floor-cleaning recipe before you check out the effects it may have on your laminate flooring isn’t advised. Instead, ask your floor manufacturer or dealer what healthy, natural options they recommend. With these helpful cleaning tips, we hope cleaning your laminate flooring will be a breeze.

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