As with every other product, a certain level of maintenance is needed to keep your hardwood flooring in a decent condition. If you properly maintain the floor, it will retain its beauty for many years to come. Hardwood flooring is sometimes sensitive to wear-and-tear, therefore it requires maintenance and frequent cleaning. 

However, hardwood floors are also fairly easy to maintain and provide a cleaner and healthier environment. This is a result of major strides made in terms of technology of hardwood floor finishes. These finishes will keep your hardwood floors feeling like they are newly purchased. Here are some simple and effective maintenance procedures that’ll help your hardwood flooring stand the test of time.

Protect your floors

Place the throw rugs in front of dishwashers sinks, or any door that leads to the outside where you notice heavy traffic. However, don’t do this until around 10-15 days after the final coating of finish has been applied. On the outside, use doormats determined to trap small rocks that could be on the bottom of the shoes. 

Regular vacuuming, sweeping, or dust mopping

When it comes to the damage caused to your hardwood floor, small rocks and grits are the biggest culprits. Regular vacuuming, sweeping, and dust mopping are an essential part of hardwood floor cleaning. A high-quality dust mop or a vacuum with a bristle head would be an effective tool to clean the dust, grit, and dirt off the floor.

Occasional cleaning

Food, spills, and tracked in mud can often build up and it requires more than just vacuuming or simple dust mopping to be removed. When something like this happens, make use of a damp cloth after applying a mild cleaning solution and clean the floors without getting your hands or knees dirty.

Say no to wax or sprays

Some finishes require little maintenance so it isn’t necessary to polish or wax the floor. In fact, polishes or waxes make it harder for you to clean and cause problems for adhering future coats.

Periodic re-coating

Following regular maintenance programs will preserve the life of your floors for years. However, despite all the advantages, these finishes wouldn’t last forever. Eventually, your hardwood floor would need to be recoated.  Hardwood flooring must be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear and tear but before it gets worn down to bare wood.


Hardwood flooring, being a natural product, absorbs and expels moisture. This natural process causes the flooring to expand and contract from season to season while resulting in separation or cracks between some of the boards in your floor. Regulating the heating and temperatures within your house will minimize this problem. However, instead of pumping dry heat at your hardwood floor, and drying it all winter long, the humidifiers on the furnace can be set at 45-50% and it would help you maintain the relatively consistent moisture content in the hardwood flooring which equates to fewer cracks.
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