The choice of flooring is a basic yet important decision that homeowners have to make when undertaking a renovation of their house. While there are many different options out there, one of them stands out from the crowd – wide plank hardwood flooring.

Wide plank hardwood flooring has never been more popular. For homeowners who are looking to give their house a flooring upgrade, this would be the perfect combination of charm and style.

Even those homeowners who are looking to add luxury to their homes can choose wide plank hardwood flooring. It’ll elevate the style factor of your rooms and deliver a timeless appeal, regardless of the décor palette. This choice of modern hardwood floor can complement or bring contrasting elements to a high-end space, which makes it a premium option.

If you’re unable to figure out how you can incorporate wide plank hardwood flooring into your home’s design, here are some of the tips that will help you.

Try to utilize wide planks in large spaces

Larger spaces do highlight wide plank flooring better. At the same time, if not done properly, wide plank flooring can make a bigger room seem smaller. If you want to avoid shrinking the appearance of your rooms, try to alternate between wide and narrow planks. This would be a great way of making the room seem more proportionate. Depending on your preference, alternate between wide and narrow planks can add an area of visual interest. For example, in a room that is rectangular, try to make a rectangle in the center of the room while extending outward with alternating planks.

Aim for a rustic look

If you’re renovating a room or an entire house, you can look to add a bit of rustic charm with wide-plank hardwood flooring. Cabin grade wide-plank flooring works well for the rustic look and adds character and a natural rugged charm that other types of flooring do not provide. This type of wood is full of imperfections like deep knots, large streaks, wormholes, and burls. This gives the wood a natural, rustic appearance.

Distressed, imperfect planks

When it comes to flooring, either dark or light wide-plank hardwood would be acceptable. A great rule of thumb would be – the more imperfections the better. Cabin grade hardwood would be a great choice to achieve a cozy look. As for the color, choose light colors especially if you’re looking to achieve a Nordic vibe whereas if you’re looking for a rustic vibe then go for dark flooring.

Go faux to save a few bucks

Maybe you love your wide-plank hardwood flooring but your wallet does not. Luckily, there is always the option of faux hardwood flooring available as it allows you to achieve that same look for a significantly lower price. If you choose to go faux, choose between tile, vinyl or laminate. In comparison to hardwood flooring, this will be a lot easier on your bank account and will be easier to maintain too.

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