How To Choose Timeless Floor Colours That Won’t Go Out Of Fashion

While most people are surprised to hear the words luxury and vinyl used in the same sentence, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has recently taken the design world by storm.

Although vinyl was once thought of as a cheap and often undesirable flooring option, it is now viewed as an intelligent design choice due to its realism, durability, quality, and affordability. At Chestnut Flooring in Toronto, we carry a wide range of LVT, a multilayer tile which has become known for its luxurious design appeal and extreme resilience.


At the moment, both extremely dark and extremely light stained wood floors are incredibly popular.

While dark stained floors are very stylish and offer a beautiful contrast to light walls or cabinets, they can be more challenging to keep clean and are a more trendy option which may go out of fashion in the near future. Similarly, while the current trend of light, blonde wood helps to brighten up any space and has a certain classic appeal, it may not be as popular in five to ten years time.

Gray And White Washes

Despite their classic appeal, hardwood floors are constantly evolving and the latest trend is grey or white washed floors. Although gray is extremely versatile and perfectly complements any neutral décor, it is not as timeless as traditional hardwood tones. However, it is now possible to blend gray with brown to achieve a more greige look which will likely stand the test of time.

While both light and dark hardwood is currently on-trend, if you are looking for a classic finish, it is advisable to select a mid-tone wood, as this will ensure that it does not look dated over time.

At Chestnut Flooring, we carry an extensive selection of classic mid-tone hardwood in finishes such as American Walnut, Antique Sienna, Belfort, Avondale, Burton, Maple Country, and Walnut Colonial. Each of the aforementioned finishes deliver beautiful, timeless results that will look as in fashion twenty years from now as they do today. Hardwood flooring is an important investment which adds instant value to your home. While it is advisable to take your time when selecting the best colour for your hardwood and to contemplate whether your choice is timeless or trendy, when designing or renovating your home, the most important consideration should be your personal preferences. Thus, regardless of whether your choice is classic or trendy, you should ultimately choose the colour that you like the most as you will be the one living with it in your home. When you visit our showroom, one of our design experts will be happy to help you select the hardwood that best suits your personal taste, design aesthetic, and budget, while also advising you which choices are the most timeless and which ones may go out of fashion in the future.


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