How Much Should My Hardwood Flooring Cost?

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What is the cost of a standard hardwood installation?

If you’re having hardwood flooring installed, the cost will depend on the wood species, with harder and exotic styles offered at a higher price point. Your fee typically includes the labour of removing the previous flooring, finishing and installation of your hardwood. Total cost will vary depending on the complexity of the install location and the size of your space as well.

Softwoods and domestic types are often priced lower by an average of $3-$6 per square foot. The wood planks sourced locally will be easier to access, sustainable and ethically sourced. They also don’t carry the fees associated with transport, and this can significantly reduce the price passed on to consumers.

Why choose solid hardwood?

While it’s undeniable that wood flooring is considered a high-end flooring material and a luxury finish, it’s also consistently a top choice due to longevity and resilience, which translates to savings over time.

Hardwood flooring offers excellent durability along with timeless beauty and doesn’t require regular upkeep or replacement. The look of wood is also incredibly versatile and brings a sense of personality to any space with the uniqueness of the grain and organic warmth.

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What is engineered hardwood?

Engineered hardwood is a form fabricated flooring. Hardwood style with a lower price point is achieved by mixing inexpensive wood blends and resins with a thin, real wood plank surface. Because the hardwood is not solid, the strength of the boards is derived from much cheaper material.

Well-constructed engineered boards look beautiful and can be refinished at least once in their lifetime. In addition to its cost-efficiency, engineered flooring is also more heat and moisture resistant than solid wood and environmentally friendly because all matter of wood pieces and cuts can be used to form the boards.

As with all valuable décor finishes, your wood will need some basic maintenance to stay clean and luminous. Depending on the traffic your floor experiences, it may need to be waxed just once or twice a year. Use of a professional, recommended cleaners means not worrying about damaging the finish on your wood. Avoid excessive water- only damp mopping is required for visibly soiled areas and a sweep or dry mop, sufficient for daily cleanliness.

Well known as an iconic flooring material

Wood floors have been used for centuries by homeowners and kings alike. It is exceptionally durable, adding character and integrity to the style of a home for many generations. It also increases the resale value of a home compared with most lower budget options.

With years of high-quality performance and comfort returning your initial investment, the purchase price of a hardwood floor hasn’t dissuaded hundreds upon thousands of property owners, and it’s still one of the leading choices to put the finishing touches on a home. 

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To sum it up

We welcome you to visit our expansive showroom or call us today to learn more about the benefits of finishing with hardwood.

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