GRS Hardwood Flooring Distribution

GRS Hardwood Flooring Distribution

GRS Wood Products is a proud distributor of quality wood flooring, situated in Mississauga ON.

GRS prides itself on Customer Service, amazing prices and exceptional products. GRS offers quality solid and engineered hardwood, as well as baseboard, soundproofing and accessories. GRS hopes that their manufactured products will soon be a respected and established name in the wood business, providing exceptional quality and great prices. Stocking over 150 different SKU’s of flooring, GRS is not open to the public but by appointment.GRS provides a 25-year warranty for all wood products. With a broad selection of hardwood flooring in various styles and species, the company offers luxurious hardwood products at uniquely low prices not often seen. Below we will provide details about some of their flooring.

Solid Hardwood is a timeless luxury most homeowners would love to walk over every day.

With proper care, hardwood is an eco-friendly investment, and can last generations. Currently, GRS offers an extensive catalogue of solid hardwood flooring in multiple species, colours and thicknesses. Some collections offered are: American Hickory, American Hickory Hand-scraped and Distressed, American Walnut, American Walnut Hand-scraped and Distressed, Finger Joint Productions, Hard Maple, Hard Maple Hand-scraped and Distressed, Red Oak, Red Oak Hand-scraped and Distressed, Super Solid Hard Maple, Super Solid Oak, White Oak and White Oak Hand-Scraped and Distressed. To view a complete listing, please inquire directly at the company or visit the website.


GRS offers a variety of flooring accessories and necessities such as sound-proofing underflooring, waterproofing underflooring, baseboards, doorstops, stair plywood, stair posts and more.

Solid Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood is a solution for home owners wanting the look and feel of hardwood, but more durable.

Engineered hardwood is made from several layers of hardwood which are then fused together into a solid plank under pressure. As a result, this process renders the plank much harder, less prone to warping and easier to maintain than solid hardwood, while looking exactly the same. GRS currently provides Super-Stable Structure Engineered Hardwood in four colours, made from White Oak. Colours available are City Grey, Harvest, Hazelnut and New York Grey.

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