Goodfellow has long been one of Canada’s top distributors of lumber and lumber products.

Established in 1898, the company first built a reputation on timber and lumber distribution. Since then, Goodfellow has expanded its product repertoire to include more refined wood products. Today, Goodfellow remanufactures and distributes a wide range of lumber and wood products that meets and surpasses the new realities of environmental concerns and market needs. Of these, flooring is definitely not what made the name of the company, however the company has been expanding into the flooring territory for decades, and has long since established itself as one of the top competitors on the market. From engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, vinyl and WPC to tiles and other accessories, Goodfellow is a leading flooring distributor and manufacturer within Canada and North America. The company also ships worldwide, and imports exotic wood from all over the world.Goodfellow, like all major wood manufacturing companies, is fully committed to environmental responsibility. To fulfil this commitment, the company ensures that business meets all regulated environmental practises and continuously regulates and sets higher standards for environmental awareness and initiative. Goodfellow is an FSC certified company.Besides hardwood and wood products, Goodfellow also sells products such as tile, vinyl and under flooring and accessories. For a full catalogue of products, please visits company website. Below, we have listed and described the various kinds of flooring offered by the company.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood offers the best of both worlds in hardwood: durability and high wear resistance paired with the gorgeous colours and grains of natural hardwood.

Offering engineered hardwood from their own manufacturing plants as well as from companies such as Bruce, Armstrong and From-The-Forest, Goodfellow showcases a massive catalogue of engineered flooring in a variety of species such as oak, walnut, maple and birch. The Goodfellow Exotique collection features the world’s most popular exotic hardwoods such as Montpellier, Goodfellow Riverside, Tigerwood and Jatoba and turns them into amazing High Quality flooring products. Other collections offered are Goodfellow Bamboo, Montpelier, Riverside, Wellington Heights and the San Marino collection. Every collection uses a unique wood species and turns it into a high style, amazing quality flooring product that would be a perfect fit in any home. Goodfellow offers a 25-year residential guarantee on all hardwood products.

Solid hardwood flooring is a luxury flooring that every home owner wants to enjoy.

The gorgeous colours and grains of hardwood are a simple yet effective way to add class and value to your home. Similarly, to engineered hardwood, Goodfellow offers Armstrong and Bruce products in addition to the company collections: Bistro Maple, Bistro Oak, Chateau, Elysee, International, Original, Luxor, Pine and Vecchio. Each individual collection aims to create individual styles out of gorgeous wood, and highlights the natural grains through various colours, finishes and treatments. Goodfellow offers a 25-year residential guarantee on all hardwood products.

Solid Hardwood

Laminate Flooring

For homes that wants the beauty of hardwood where hardwood is impossible, an excellent addition is laminate flooring.

Easy to install, extra durable laminate flooring by Goodfellow is so advanced and well constructed that it is almost impossible to tell from real hardwood. Each Goodfellow laminate collection features a collection of grains and colours hand crafted and individually printed, for the best flooring quality. All laminate floors come with a 25-year residential guarantee.

Goodfellow showcases a WPC (wood-plastic composite) flooring as well as traditional vinyl.

Vinyl and WPC are sturdy, durable, waterproof and easy to clean and even easier to install, with most selections utilizing a Drop-lock installation system. Goodfellow WPC floors distinguish themselves through their easy, glue less installation which requires no membrane. Furthermore, these floors can be installed on a water radiant floor.

Sub-Flooring and Accessories

Goodfellow provides everything from sub-flooring to cleaning tools to installation accessories.

Vinyl and WPC

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