Goodfellow is the leading brand when it comes to processing and distributing exotic woods. These wood specialists have the ability to adapt to the needs and requirements of the customers and this has earned them a reputation of being an excellent source of wood flooring products.

With the help of experts at Goodfellow, it is possible to transform raw wood into high-quality flooring products. With their financial strength, combined with their expertise, they are able to manage massive stocks in the supply chain allowing them to easily deal with the requirements of the customers.

Get customized flooring solutions that fit your needs

Goodfellow is easily able to carry out unique projects that fit your specifications and needs.

Goodfellow offers countless exciting products and flooring services as they are the leaders in innovation and design.  If you have flooring needs, you are invited to consult their services and get in touch with their experts for more details. You can communicate directly with their customer support and they’ll answer your questions and offer customized flooring solutions. At Goodfellow, you’ll receive a wide range of eco-friendly options that’ll give you not just a beautiful house but also a peace of mind that you’re doing something for the betterment of the environment.


As Goodfellow are the wood specialists, they offer a variety of wood products and services.

Wall Concept

Your wall is more than just material and color. With Goodfellow, get a custom wall that fits the aesthetics of your wall.

Insulation and soundproofing

Goodfellow offers the ultimate solutions in terms of quality. Whether it is in the walls, the roof, or under the roof.

The most in-demand products by Goodfellow in 2020

Armstrong Ceilings and Walls

Interior designers consider ceiling as an important decorative surface just like walls and floors to enhance the aesthetics of your house. With Armstrong ceilings and walls, add a personal touch to your room and make it as good looking as possible. After all, your home reflects your personality.

Pine Siding and Paneling

At Goodfellow, get a multitude of interior and exterior cladding options in red or white pine. The most popular profiles include grooved, Clin, half-round, V-joint as well as Pickwick and grooved pine panelling. Choose any interior pine panelling or exterior covering and you’ll have a unique, timeless, warm appearance for your house. 

If you’re looking for exclusive solutions, Goodfellow also offers the possibility of manufacturing custom profiles.

Norbord Engineered Wood

The RIMBOARD by Norbord is a high-quality, precision-engineered wooden product that is designed for the engineered floor systems of 2020. This product is designed to fill the space between the sand plate and the heald plate or in a two-story construction between the wall’s upper plates of the first floor and the second floor’s sub-floor. Apart from filling the space, RIMBOARD also supports wall loads and ties the joists of the wooden floor systems to form an essential structural component used for transferring forces, both vertical and lateral.

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