Flooring For Elderly And Seniority

Choosing The Right Flooring For The Elderly And Seniors

It is important to choose the right floors for the elderly for many good reasons, one of which elderly and senior people tend to fall.

Choosing the right floors which reduce the chance of slipping can prevent many unnecessary accidents.

With back problems, knees and hips, the right flooring can help reduce the impact of skeletal system when walking. Elderly need to have the additional balance and comfort when walking to prevent an accident and discomfort.

Non-slip flooring for Seniors in Toronto

Chestnut flooring has a variety of non-slip hardwood flooring designed specifically for elderly and senior living.

The floors are covered with special rubbery finish that helps condition the floors while having the beauty and grain finish as regular hardwood floors. No need to stick to rubber mats as they tend to balance out and create extra thickness. Our hardwood floors have everything built in.

Soft Flooring for Elders in Toronto

In case of frequent falls, having soft floors may be the right choice for the next flooring installation. Rubber flooring provides softer landing. Having those built in can save life. They are extremely durable and easy to handle when cleaning and they can be easily installed or removed.

Allergies are frequent and can happen at any time.

The older we get the more pronged we are to allergic reactions. Having a good brand hardwood flooring can help reduce the chance of allergies or illness. Buying the right flooring from a local manufacturer may be a better choice than the offshore counterpart as they tend to have licensing and control.
When choosing the right flooring brand for seniors, ask our consultant for more information as they will introduce few samples that may be fitting best with your requirements. Visit our store today to find out more. We are located in Vaughan. Book your appointment.

Low VOC flooring

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