Imported European Flooring

Chestnut Flooring carries a wide range of imported European flooring products – that excel in style and quality.

Italy Collection

Italy is synonymous with both style and elegance. Our Italian flooring collection aims to capture these features, with styles that are both modern and chic as well as ones that are classy and timeless. Their bold robust colors and textures will stand out and add a beautiful accent to any space Our collection is sourced from local manufacturers in Italy. It is backed by supreme craftsmanship and quality of execution – with unique local styles that are uncommon anywhere else.

Popular Styles

Italian hardwood flooring designs are characterized by rich and deep colors, and unique patterns. Parquet’s are very common, designed in various different geometric patterns.

Wide Plank

Modern Grey Parquet

Featured Products

Advanced Italian Suede Carpeting

We carry dozens of unique selections imported directly from the source from Italy, including solid & engineered hardwood, as well as carpeting.

Spain Collection

Spain has that old world charm with a calm and relaxed ambience. That is the foundation behind the styles in our Spanish collection, striking attention with its bold parquet designs. They are defined by intricate details, such as light accent trims and diagonal patterns. Our Spanish products are sourced directly from local manufacturers in Spain – exceeding in build quality and finish, and backed by extensive manufacturer warranties.

Popular Styles

Common within Spanish flooring trends are dark hardwood finishes unique intricate patterns, with bold & daring accent touches. They are popular with both smooth and brushed finishes.

Parquet Hardwood Pattern with Light Trim

Square Patterns with Diagonal Accents

Diagonal Wide Plank Hardwood with Deep Grove Accents

Germany Collection

German interior designs are both classic and contemporary. They often pair open concept layouts with modern furnishings, with traditionally styled flooring accents.

Popular Styles

Among the current ongoing flooring trends out of Germany are extra long strip brushed hardwood and finely defined brushed hardwood styles. These styles will make a strong impact in any space – from the kitchen & living room, to office spaces.

Smoked Oak Bathroom Parquet

Longstrip 3D Brushed Hardwood

Retro Rustic 3D Brushed Hardwood

Featured Products

Smooth Mixed Walnut

Longstrip Oak Puro White Hardwood

Vibrant Light Maple

Fumed Oak Sauvage brushed

Holland Collection

Dutch styles are often bold and elegant. They often wander across different realms of possibilities, including different executions and styles, such as vinyl flooring finishes. Our Dutch flooring products are among the most daring of all of our European styles, coming in unique colors and styles, such as red oak hardwood and extra wide plank.

Popular Styles

Dutch flooring styles are characterized as being bold and different, combining different plank shapes and unique color finishes.

Extra Wide Oak Plank

Vibrant Vinyl

Light Wire Brushed Oak

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