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Luxury, Quality Flooring From Divine Flooring

Divine Flooring is a family owned and operated wood flooring company that puts design and craftsmanship first. Born with the vision of creating unique and original divine spaces with custom hardwood flooring, Divine Flooring has become the leading custom flooring brand in Canada.

Brilliant Patterns

Premium Materials Create One-Of-A-Kind Products

Divine Flooring brings quality-driven products to the everyday household. Some of their most popular flooring materials are:
  • Hardwood
  • Speciality Hardwood
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Laminate

Skilled Woodworking Artisans

Using proprietary techniques to craft and assemble unique pieces for your home, Divine Flooring meticulously plans out and implements every aspect of your flooring needs to reflect your personal style and taste.  

Environmentally Conscious

Divine Flooring believes in keeping the Earth in good health. This is reflected in their businesses practices of sourcing only from suppliers that protect and sustain forested lands, ensuring their wood materials contain low to negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and holding themselves to all CARB Phase II standards.

European Manufacturing

Decades Of Established Trust

Established in 1999, Divine Flooring has built a reputation of trust, respect and quality craftsmanship in flooring communities across Canada. Divine Flooring has become a go-to brand for many third-parties throughout the country:
  • Interior Designers
  • Home Remodelers
  • Building Professionals
  • Discerning Home Owners

Accessory Woodwork

Wood Floor Vents

For a truly unified look, Divine Flooring creates custom wood floor vents that match your floor in species, surface texture and colour.

Stair Risers

Add a unique appearance to your staircase with detailed, custom stair risers.

Barn Doors

Beautify your entrances with a one-of-a-kind barn door slider.

Why Divine Flooring?

If you’re looking for custom hardwood flooring from an eco-friendly, family-run business – Divine Flooring is the choice for you. With decades of experience satisfying homeowners across Canada, Divine Flooring can bring that same experience to your house, too – allowing you to create an original, unique masterpiece you can call “home”.

Our Divine Flooring Selection

As the premier Divine Flooring retailer in Toronto, our professional flooring experts can help you find the hardwood flooring of your dreams.

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