The home is the heart and soul of life. It is where the human spirit lives. Divine flooring make homes divine by creating surfaces that inspire passion, ignite love and fuel dreams. Here is an in-depth look into some of their 2020 collections.



The Amarosa Grande collections of Divine Flooring are the fashionable pick for any housing facility. One of the collections is Amarosa Grand Puro. It is made as a brushed texture product on Oak species and finished with the UV lacquer hard-wearing layer, that bonds on the surface of the wood. This type of finishing offers extra durability to complement the beautiful nature of this flooring piece.

Installation of this 29.450 quantities per box can be done with either nail, glue or float methods, with a width of 7 1/2″ and a thickness of 5/8″.



Divine Flooring Cosmopolitan collections come in various options such as Naked, Zamboni, Rome and so on. The European Oak variation of the Naked species comes in 23.310 quantities per box. It has a width of 7 1/2″, the thickness of 5/8″ and length of 74 3/4″. The texture is smooth while it is finished with hard wax oil. It can as well be installed in three different ways either by nail, glue or float. This cosmopolitan Naked variant and other species will transform your home into an adorable beauty.


The Louis XIV collections of Divine Flooring are another classy choice for the home. The variants are Champagne, Montpellier and Castillon, among others. Champagne features a brushed texture on its French White Oak species. Olio is used in finishing the brushed texture at production, both for preservation and for you to have a good feel of what you will be paying for. Louis XIV Champagne is made in a unique 74 3/4″ length, 7 1/2″ width and a thickness of 3/4″ – well packed in 15.540 quantities per box. There are only two options for installation: nail and glue.


Divine Flooring Farmhouse collections are also produced in various options such as Vernazza, Chateauneuf, Vernazza, and Cabbiavoli. The Cabbiavoli variant was produced using European Oak and finished with hard wax oil. This collection gives the house an exquisite touch with its brushed texture, which many users consider very lovely. Its dimensions are 74 3/4″ length, 5/8″ thickness and 7 1/2″ width. It is packed in 23.310 quantities per box. For smooth installation, you can use any of these three installation methods: nail, glue and float.

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