The first month of 2020 is almost over and do you know what that means? It is time to have a look at some of the trends of early 2020 and what to expect for the coming months of the year. European flooring is a classic choice and with the influx of wood-look flooring options, it’ll definitely be a market for engineered wood flooring and solid hardwood. Now, a classic choice doesn’t mean boring. In fact, the European flooring trends in 2020 are anything but boring. With improvements in technology, wood competitors like vinyl, laminate, and tile are upping their game. Wood manufacturers need to keep things trendy, interesting, and up-to-date if they wish to stay in the game.

European Flooring – Past and Present

In the past, European flooring is setting the trend and other flooring manufacturers are following suit. However, other flooring options are also pushing the envelope and, in response, European flooring is also evolving. In 2020, European Flooring is moving towards the lighter end of the spectrum. In fact, the lighter colors are getting more extreme with more beachy, whitewashed looks. You can see some middle-of-the-road, warmer hardwood flooring ideas sneaking in. Here are some of the European Flooring trends and designs that you can expect in 2020 –

1. Modern, neutral colors

The flooring is the foundation of your home’s space. Ideally, the flooring needs to be a neutral yet modern color that works with a variety of paint styles and colors. Flooring trends for 2020 will favour sophisticated earthy gray tones that’ll be more visually unique than the common brown wooden tones. Whether you choose a light tone or medium tone for your new European flooring, you can be assured that you’ll get a great base for your space.

2. Rustic aesthetic

In the past, the natural, attractive appeal of European flooring would be commonly masked with dark stains and high-gloss finishes. However, the recent European Flooring trends have paved the way for designs that embrace the rustic aesthetics. European Flooring designs with matte finishes showcase wooden natural textures and showcase greater appreciation for flooring.

3. High-quality, eco-friendly options

Another upcoming trend is to appreciate the long-term value that European Flooring quality brings. European Flooring provides value and enduring beauty to your residential or commercial space. What’s more, it also contributes to lesser waste as your floor wouldn’t have to be replaced as often as imitation wood.


If you’re looking flooring options that are both modern, trendy, and classically beautiful, you should definitely explore European Flooring. You can get a variety of different flooring options and make your residential or commercial space a much better place. 2020 is expected to be a great year for European Flooring as the early designs and trends point to a great year filled with exciting and creative flooring options.
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