Everything in a space tells a story. More of those storytellers are the houses we buy or build, especially housing facilities with amazing flooring features. To tell the most intriguing tales, picking an equally fantastic brand is the right choice. Coswick Hardwood Flooring is one. It shows your story with seamless features that cannot just be randomly picked out of a box.

A mark of true craftsmanship

Coswick Hardwood Flooring is a European brand, which has been around since 1995. The company’s production facilities are located in a small town of Zaslavl, outside of Minsk, in the Eastern European country of Belarus. Coswick has a well-integrated cycle of production. This highly integrated cycle is what is used in every process of production to ensure that each product is of the very best quality. After all, the products are factory prefinished and ready to be installed in your house.

Even though Coswick Hardwood Flooring operates a state of the art machinery throughout the processes of their production, the company has well over 600 employees. This has helped them to consistently attain a feat of at least 1,000,000 sq/m of production every year since 2018. Each plank has the dimensions of 12.7mm x 107.95mm x 530mm. Coswick has a vast network of dealership spanning through the Persian Gulf, American and European countries. This has raised the bars of their product exportation to a total of 90% in 45 of those countries.

Their products include plank hardwood flooring, mosaic wood flooring, sports flooring, wall panels, and moldings.

Coswick Hardwood Flooring was first presented to the market in the year 1995. Even from the very onset, the company has always used the most exceptional German working culture by identifying themselves with the products and the process. The German working traditions were used alongside the state of the art equipment, even though the company’s production was still limited to traditional unfinished parquet and solid plank flooring. By the year 2002, Coswick debuted its prefinished solid hardwood flooring to emphasize belief in the beauty of natural wood.

A timeline of innovation

Below are some other landmark production and debut in the remarkable history of Coswick Hardwood Flooring

• 2004 – Introduction of Hardwood flooring prefinished with Silk UV oil
• 2008 – Debut of multi-layer engineered wood flooring
• 2009 – Introduction of engineered flooring with CosLoc 5G locking system
• 2011 – Production of wide plank flooring
• 2012 – Lunching a line of wood wall panels
• 2013 – Production of European-Style Mosaic Flooring
• 2013 – Lunching of portable Sports and Events Flooring
• 2014 – Opening of a full line of accessories and floor care products
• 2015 – Lunching a line of decking and siding using thermo-modified ash
• 2016 – Production of acoustic panels
• 2017 – Concentration on mosaic flooring program
• 2018 – Increment of production capacity to 1 million square meters of plank and mosaic

Quality is the specialty

The company is specialized in creating hardwood floors with qualities above par, especially in durability and lasting performance. This is guaranteed by cutting edge technology used during production. In addition to long-lasting productions, Coswick is always at work to widen the scope of its designs to match the ever-increasing taste of trend. The company also develops customized solutions to implement any designer’s ideas. These solutions are not limited to just one colour, style or construction but a wide range of them.

Finally, if a tale of nature must be told, it is best said with nature. Therefore, Coswick Hardwood Flooring manufactures only environmentally friendly products for you. Environmental responsibilities and accountability are what makes Coswick amazing as they contribute to the preservation of our environment.

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